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AK Notepad: More Note Taker

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by VegasWill, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. VegasWill

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    AK Notepad isn't just a note taker, it's a problem solver.

    Ok, so I'm the guy that forgets your name right after I'm told. I'm the guy that jots down a phone number on a piece of paper only to realize later I can't read my own handwriting. With AK Notepad, problem solved.

    AK Notepad is one of those simple, but must have apps. It allows you to take notes about anything at anytime. No paper or pen required. Very easy, yet it has a lot more power if you'd like.

    One of the best things about AK Notepad is that it's fully customizable. It has different themes depending on your personality. You can make the background mimick that old-school yellow page with lines feel. Or if you're in touch with your feminine-side, you can use the Rosy Pink theme.

    Need reading glasses? You're in luck- You have the option of making the text larger (or smaller) as well a changing the font.

    AK Notepad integrates with Android's sharing options easily letting you share your notes with others through email or your favorite Social Media network.

    If you're the forgetful type, it solves another problem- you can set an alarm to any of your notes. For instance I can type up my shopping list and set an alarm to that note reminding me to actually go shopping.

    Some of its key features:

    • Set alarm to specific notes
      Backup your notes to your SD card
      Make emails and links within your notes active
      Backup your notes online
      Import Notes
      Export Notes
      Password protect app on launch
      Adjust font and/or text size
      Assign Labels to notes
      It's free

    Conclusion: Don't let the "Notepad" name from another OS fool you into thinking it's a watered down version of anything. With a free cost, this app is a must.
    With AK Notepad you'll be able to write down notes so quickly and easily, your handwriting will degrade even more than it already has.


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