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Alarm clock/dock for HTC Legend

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by texasdontholdem, May 22, 2010.

  1. texasdontholdem

    Thread Starter

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  2. c_man

    c_man Well-Known Member

    As far as I see it, our phones do not have a port at the bottom that can allowing interfacing to a dock.
  3. Bootsock

    Bootsock Guest

    No season the same couldn't be done with the USB though...

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  4. texasdontholdem

    Thread Starter

    this is kind of one reason why I'm slightly leaning towards iphone. I'll keep weighing pros and cons
  5. anandroiduser

    anandroiduser Well-Known Member


    There is hope at docking stations in general (HTC LEGEND SYNC AND CHARGER DOCKING STATION - HTC Legend), however to be honest, HTC popularity is pretty new and largely linked to Android. Therefore, if there was such a station (alarm etc. as you want), it probably would be a little while before it came out. It's like, I had to wait a few weeks, a month even, before I could find silicon cases for my Legend available in UK.

    Additionally, if you're matching up Legend vs iPhone, well iPhone WILL win in terms of the accessories. Accessories and generally addons are one of the key focuses of Apple's business model. For a while now they've pumped money into developing things to add on to their devices - earphones, docking stations, radios, speakers, heck, even my TV has a dock!. Apple is after all a .. 'clique' of sorts, so they know that once someone gets an Apple device, they probably will follow suit with all the accessories. HTC does not put nearly as much effort into these accessories, hence a longer wait (if at all) for them.

    All-in-all I luv my Legend, and as compared to iPhone, I luv the flexibility and ABSENCE of 'vendor lock in'.
  6. texasdontholdem

    Thread Starter

    Not really understanding what 'vendor lock in' means
  7. mrsevilbrooks

    mrsevilbrooks Lurker

    I have a Dream Machine which fits my old iPhone (3gs). There are lots of dock connectors out there that would adapt the 30-pin connection in the radio to the new 8-pin connectors for the new iPhone 5 (I think it's called a lightening adapter?). But I'm considering changing to an android phone. The problem is that there doesn't seem to be anyone out there that has a DOCK adapter for 30-pin Apple to mini USB which is what most other phones are going to now. I can find corded adapters, but just not female to male, no cord. I came across this thread and it seems to me that if people are looking for something similar to the Dream Machine (actually, I don't think they make them anymore, but mine is great) for Android, and since Apple has so many accessories for their products, why doesn't someone just make an adapter? I've seen speaker docks and other accessories for Apple so it just make sense that even those without Apple products could be able to buy an Apple accessory AND an adapter for their product to be able to use it. Or, even better, why don't the manufacturers supply a multi-purpose adapter?

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