Nov 10, 2009
Dayton, Ohio
So i got my Alarm set for everyday this week due to being the holidays. I left my droid charging when i fell asleep. I woke up thirty min past what i had set. The alarm was still on, no alarm when i had it set. If i set an alarm and do not set specific days it works fine? Im just confused. Anyone else have this problem?
I had a similar issue. I had installed Task Manager and killed the Alarm Clock app, but found that the Alarm Clock icon was still in the notificaiton bar. I figured that meant I was in the clear, but I learned the next morning that it means nothing unless the app is running in the background (and you can confirm that on Task Manager just by looking for it). The notification bar icon just means that an alarm is set, but it won't necessarily ring if it ain't running in the background.
Mine is working just like it is suppose to. I have one set for week days and then one set just for Sunday... each has worked every time.
all 3 of my alarms work exactly like how I set them...if I dont' hit the ignore button and just snooze it will set itself off again ever 5 minutes until you hit the ignore or dismiss button...can't remember what is says...:D

works perfectly on my multimedia dock as well...