Alarm Clock Plus, Weather help

im using Alarm Clock Plus on my HTC Aria, and no matter what i do, weather will not speak on wake, or display on the main/desk screen. i can view the next alarm, current time, and and the shortcuts work fine, but current weather refuses to show.
has anyone else had this problem?


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The weather part doesn't work. At least I couldn't ever figure out how to get it to work. But I love the alarm itself.
I have an HTC also. From what I can tell it needs the "genie widget" to work which is a news/weather widget for motorola. I have tried to install the apk in the past, but it's difficult. I haven't figured it out yet. If you are rooted it's probably easy to install. Good luck;)


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alarm clock plus seems to have fixed it, it speaks weather on wake, though i wish it would just speak the weather when i dismissed the alarm. they also fixed the add widget to desk clock view, so you can add your phones weather widget and use that