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Alarm failure/clock lag

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by CB1987, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. CB1987

    CB1987 Lurker
    Thread Starter


    Sorry if theres a million of these threads out there! Im new to android and 'smart phones' and i'm having trouble with my desire HD's alarm feature.

    I set the alarm each night, i dont like to rely on the monday to friday option, and it tells me the alarm is set from XX hours and XX minutes from now, but more often than not over the past 2 weeks since ive had the phone the alarm has failed to go off, and more by luck than judgement i've woke up in time.

    The second thing i noticed with it was in the morning when i check the alarm , the clock has lagged (like thismorning i checked and it said 6.09 and it was actually 6.21)until i unlock the screen and wait about 10 seconds, sometimes even having to lock the screen again or start up an app or phonebook etc. so with my alarm being set for 6.10 is this part of the reason it doesnt go off?

    Ive read about task killers affecting the alarm, and as i dont know much about android, unless one came with the phone, i havent installed any.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated!


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  2. Gardium

    Gardium Well-Known Member

    Are you experiencing any other problems with the phone, say slow reactions (called lag in techy terms :rolleyes:) from the phone, menus hanging for a long period, and such things?

    If you have just a few applications installed on your phone (downloaded from the market), this can eat up a lot of your memory, thus causing such lags as you are describing with the clock.

    I'd recommend that you install a task-kill app. The one I use, which is highly recommended, and isn't giving any problems at all in its latest version is called "Advanced Task Killer Free". Try opening up your market, and searching for it. It's free, and installs automatically. Then hit the bottom left button in your home screen (a small triangle pointing up), and all your apps should show. It should show as a small Android symbol with an x over it. Go there, and hit the big button saying "Kill selected apps". This program is made to ignore important system features, so your clock will not be affected (along with its settings such as alarms). However if you have had your alarm app open, it might will show it in the list, but its just "closing" the window if you get what I mean.

    I know this post got a bit long, but as you said you were new to smart phones, I tried to make an easy guide for you :D. Hope this helps. And that your alarms will go off in time ^^

    PS! The point about the alarm not actually going off, might be the fact that it's known the speaker is low, so try using the alarm sound called "Snooze". It's high pitched, and even if it's not loud, its audiable ;)
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  3. CB1987

    CB1987 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    messages were a bit slow to show up, for example the names kept appearing as phone numbers very briefly before loading, and angry birds was being a bit slow! lol. But other than the alarm problem the phone seems to be working fine!

    I've installed Advanced Task Killer and closed a lot of Apps, i didnt realise how many were open, it now says available memory 230M, whether this is a good amount or not i dont know! :-S

    My alarm sound was set to snooze, so i'll make sure the volume is up, and i'll post tomorrow with an update as to whether it worked ^_^

    Thanks for taking the time to reply, it was a nice and easy guide to read :)
  4. Gardium

    Gardium Well-Known Member

    Yes, please post an update :D. Eager to know if it helped.

    When it comes to the amount available, 230 MB is quite enough, but it seems like some memory must be lost to some vital functions, as mine has around 370 MB when all is killed. If I check right after a reboot, I have over 400 MB. So try to hold the power button down, and select the bottom option that is called "restart". Then check how much memory you have when your phone is back up :). Remember to kill the apps before you read the memory available :)
  5. anandv76

    anandv76 Well-Known Member

    and you do have USB debugging option checked, dont you?
  6. CB1987

    CB1987 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Well the alarm worked this morning, so far so good! It was a bit of an intermittent problem though, so lets hope it continues to work :D Thank you!

    Sorry to ask but....Where would i find if i've got that checked? :-S
  7. Gardium

    Gardium Well-Known Member

    To be honest, if there is nothing wrong with your phone any more, and the alarm problem seems to be fixed now, it shouldn't be necessary for you to have USB debugging on...

    But if you have to find it, its at: Home screen -> Menu -> Settings -> Applications -> Development -> (top option) USB debugging.

    This will enable a "bug" finder when you have the USB stick connected to a computer. It is known to fix some minor bugs with the phone, like some lag, some CPU (processor unit) problems, etc. But as I said, if there is nothing wrong, there is really no reason to activate it :p;)
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  8. anandv76

    anandv76 Well-Known Member

    never be sorry to ask mate, else you would never know! answered by gardium...
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  9. CB1987

    CB1987 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Ok well i'll keep an eye on it for a couple of days, see if the alarm holds up, and if it doesnt, i now know what the next step is ^_^

    Thanks guys :)
  10. htc-user

    htc-user Lurker

    Hello. Another newbie to android and Smartphone’s.

    I'm having problems with the in built alarm clock as well. Noticed over the past 2-3 weeks the alarm is intermittently not triggered either at the specified time (5:55am) or fails to trigger after the snooze button has been pressed.

    I looks like I'm not getting any sound! If I pick the phone up I can seen the alarm clock symbol animation ringing on the screen, but just no sound. Any ideas????

    Not seeing any lag of any sort. (Well being new I may not know what to really look for besides the obvious)

    Apps installed so far included:

    3G Watchdog
    Adobe Flashplayer 10.2
    Audio Manager
    Battery Widget
    Dolphin Browser mini
    GPS Status
    Out of Milk
    QR Droid
    Quick Battery
    Red Laser
    Skype (Do not recommend, calls are crap and imminently to be uninstalled)
    Talking Tom

    Wondering if one of these apps is causing the problems?

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