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Alarm not working at all on HTC until keypress

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by SionHughes, Dec 2, 2009.

  1. SionHughes

    SionHughes Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi All,

    My girlfriend recently got the HTC Tattoo (running Android 1.6) and she's having major issues with the alarm on the Clock application. Whenever she sets the alarm to wake up in the morning, it doesnt go off at the desired time. There's no sound or not waking of the screen. The alarm does finally sound when the screen is woken, and this can be 20 minutes or so after the alarm *should* have sounded! It works ok if the alarm is set to go off in 5 minutes time or so, but it seems like Android forgets to ring the alarm until the screen is woken and then does it.

    Can anyone provide any insight into this issue? I have seen that there are other threads where the alarm doesn't work but they dont cover this behavior.

    Actions taken so far:

    • Resetting the alarm
    • Checked volume is at an audible level
    • Restarting handset
    • Tried setting multiple alarms
    Couls this be an issue that the alarm has no permission to wake the phone? Can this be set?

    Thanks in advance!

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  2. Solidis

    Solidis Member

    Best thing to do is.. If yuor under the 30 day trial. Return it and get another one.. Dont bother trying to fix it. Because the way i see it is you can fix it 1 maybe twice. But who gonna gurantee it will be fixed for the remainder of the time you keep the cell phone.

    Same problem with my GF's Eris . Had it for 1 week it started to freeze up. Took it back to the store. Gave her a new 1 problem solved.
  3. SionHughes

    SionHughes Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for that Solidis.

    I'll try and return it and see get a new one. Not sure if the guys in store will swap it out though?

    What's do I do is this is soemthing which is a returning fault? It seems like a SW issue so would a hard reset be worthwhile?
  4. GlassJoe

    GlassJoe Newbie

    Wait, so you are saying that if the phone is in sleep mode ( black screen ) and the alarm doesn't go off there is something wrong with the phone and it needs to be replaced? My sister-in-law just got the Eris and the alarm didn't go off the first day, the second day it did as the phone was being charged over night, and then it didn't again on the third day. Am I reading that reply wrong or is that exactly what Solidis means?
  5. SionHughes

    SionHughes Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I spent the night last night playing about with the Tattoo. I rebooted it, and also added 'Clock' to be ignored in TasKiller so that it would never be killed, and also set one of the preset notification sounds to be the alert rather than an mp3. This morning the alarm went off OK!! It was on time and also woke the phone up from sleep mode. I have no idea which of my actions made this happen or if it was pure luck!

    I will report back tomorrow whether or not it went off again!
  6. GlassJoe

    GlassJoe Newbie

    Cool thanks, I look forward to hearing if this solved your problem.
  7. ddes0918

    ddes0918 Lurker

    Is there any way to do "alarm only" option...I hate waking up to new notifications in my sleep...I want all my sound off and just the alarm sound to turn on...how do I do this?
  8. Go into the alarmmode and press the button on the side that turns up the volume to full. It worked for me. No idea how it was turned down.

    Let me know if it works.

  9. iamurhero

    iamurhero Lurker

    I had that same problem with my hero and I figured it out. The problem is not the phone but I bet you have a "taskkiller" type app installed. If you do, you must IGNORE ALARM. if you don't, the alarm program will be terminated and since it does not auto restart itself, it will never go off until you manually start it up again.
  10. SionHughes

    SionHughes Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi, few days on after my fiddling and all seems to be still working ok! Alrm goes off on time and nothign else to report!

    @ddes0918: Have you tried setting up a new profile so that you can setit before you go to bed and that all notifications are silent but the alarm still goes off?

    @Nikolaj Bardram: Volume was alwys on full but it never seemed to go off - maybe as the app was getting killed?

    @iamurhero: The Tattoo didn;t use to have a Taskkiller on there, but i installed TasKiller from the store and set it to ignore the alarm app and it now seems fine, I think this is what may have solved the issue.
  11. brandmarked

    brandmarked Well-Known Member

    I had the same problem when I got my Tattoo. It was driving me mad -- couldn't work out why it wasn't working. I tried everything.

    Anyway, I solved it by using the app "Toggle Settings" following a few emails back and forth with HTC support. Download the app, open Toggle Settings and select Volume Control and at the bottom of ther page there is an Alarm Volume slider. Turn it up and hey presto :)

    I've now been using my alarm happily for a month without worry anf without having to turn the volume up again.

    - Mark
  12. ivanj

    ivanj Lurker

    This issue has also been driving me mad. It has caused me to be late getting up on a couple of occasions, and I have now lost all confidence in my phones ability to wake me up... It's great for being able to browse the internet on the beach, navigating me home from the pub, but ask it to do a simple thing like wake me up in the morning and it lets me down. Now relying on a 10 year old nokia as an alarm clock.

    Nobody - HTC, Vodafone, Google seem to be acknowledging that there is a problem. There is a problem. This is not user error. This is not to do with not understanding how to set up an alarm. THIS IS A FAULT

    What's more, after it seeming to be a random issue, I can now reliably reproduce the fault. I'd like to know who's responsible for fixing it?

    Steps to reproduce (HTC Tattoo, Vodafone, Android 1.6)

    1. Set your alarm for a minute from now, use side rocker to set phone volume set to a 'normal' (mid way) setting (i.e, not silent, not vibrate) just to make sure it works.
    2. Same again, only set your volume to vibrate - set alarm for a minute from now - should still work. Proves that alarm is independent from ringtone volume.
    3. Set phone volume to a normal setting again (eg mid way)

    OK - All that proves that the alarm is working as it should.

    Now to the bug that causes the alarm to go silent:

    4. Start the Camera application, go to settings and check if the Shutter Sound is ON.
    5. Take a photo... Shutter sound can be heard.

    6. Set volume to Vibrate mode and take a photo. No shutter should sound as the device is set to Vibrate.
    7. Set your alarm for a minute from now, phone volume set to a 'normal' setting (i.e, not silent, not vibrate) see if it works.

    Expected Result: Alarm should sound
    Actual result: Alarm doesn't sound :-(

    Google, HTC, Vodafone - Please take note. This is a fault. Could somebody please pass on to the relevant party for a fix??
  13. imovers

    imovers Lurker

    Hi, I just had the same problem and was about to reset the phone to the original settings, so I removed the SD CARD to be sure to save my data and restarted the phone, suddenly the sound works again!!!

    So in my case the problem was the connection with my SD CARD (even if it was perfectly readable from the phone and all the files were visible)

    Then I've inserted the SD CARD again and now it works also with it

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