Oct 20, 2014
Hi all, i'm looking for an alarm clock that let's me adjust the snooze at each interval. for example, i set an alarm with a snooze of 2 hours. the alarm goes off and i snooze it. 2 hours later it goes off again, but this time i want to adjust the snooze to 30 minutes. and when it goes off a third time i want to adjust it to 10 minutes.

The only app i've found so far like this is 'alarm klock', but you can only adjust the snooze in 5 minute increments, which can take ages.

Does anyone know of a similar app with better snooze adjustments? If so, cheers!!
Why can't the eejits at Google amend the stock alarm and notification system to have really obvious and simple improvements?!?!? Especially setting a different snooze time!