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Alcatel Fierce 2 7040N/T/A/E [Boot-loop / logo screen stuck FIX] && [ROOT]

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by luisxd, Jan 8, 2019.

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    After a few years I've had found a fix for the annoying boot loop / logo stick issue and the viable root method.

    I know this sub-forum might be dead since most of you gave up on this cellphone (7040N and 7040T) due to bad quality and lack of support from Alcatel, but i will post it anyway since they're might be a few like me who still haven't give up.

    -------------------------------BOOT LOOP / LOGO SCREEN STUCK-----------------------------------------

    This will be done using the software engineering software download tool qct_sp.

    1.- Pick the software that matches your model and download it:



    2.- Install USB drivers.

    Alcatel USB Drivers
    If you have any other Android drivers installed on your PC make sure to uninstall them and make a clena installation to avoid any issues.

    3.- Open the software with admin privileges.

    4.- Turn off the phone and connect it to the computer with an USB cable.

    5.- If the drivers are installed correctly, it will appear on the software like this.

    Everything after COM will be different for you since you might be using a different USB port, but as long as it keeps the format shows it's ok.

    6.- Click the Download button and wait until it finishes.

    7.- Once it is done just turn off your phone and it should be working again.


    I found this in a thread in XDA a few days ago but i can't find it anymore to give credit to the guy who found it first, so if you're reading this, thanks!!

    This is going to be done with the software dr.fone - root, which you can download from their webpage.

    1.- Open the app "dr.fone Root" which should be in your desktop if you downloaded the whole tool package.

    2.- It will ask you to connect your phone in order to detect it.

    3.- Once it detects your phone it will download appropriate drivers (ABD and USB) and it will restart of your phone a few times before it's done.

    4.- The software will show some instruction during the process so make sure to follow them (it's just one).

    5.- Once it's done your phone will be rooted.

    EXTRA: If it takes too long and get's stuck for a long time at a certain % just disconnect your phone and start the process again, it should fix it.

    Any question feel free to ask.

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