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Alcatel One touch icon pop

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Tanner12, Oct 17, 2014.

  1. Tanner12

    Tanner12 Lurker
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    Hey guys first if let me start by saying I've never posted on forums before but do know my electronics I receblty received this Alcatel one touch icon pop 4gb as a second phone next to my note 3 as it goes now I wanna have access to all the battery doctor settings which requires root athurioty as I've ever only rooted one device I can't really find anything on this one I was Wondering what I need to do when I plug it into my PC software etc etc I do kinda know about custom ROMs. As of right now I'm starting to enjoy this phone its decenlty fast and starts up my games in a flash so there's nothing I wanna change about the phone genrealy I just want root access without having diffulties in the fuhutre..if anyone knows anything it would be a great help thanks in advance

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  2. Mikestony

    Mikestony ~30% Carbon Black ±
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    Howdy there and welcome to AF Tanner12:)

    I moved your thread into our "Other Android" device forums here.

    So you would like to root the device?
    Well, perhaps there is a way. You could try an app, yes an app that will root your phone called Towelroot.
    If you download it to your computer, your AV may tag it as malicious....not to worry, it is not;) Then you can just transfer the app to your phone and install it. (click on the lambda (?) symbol at that link to download)

    Here is the XDA thread for Towelroot to read up on it:
    I'm throwing a party and you should come **G… | Verizon Samsung Galaxy S 5 | XDA Forums

    You'll have to go into your menu/settings/security to "allow installation of apps from unknown sources..." before you download Towelroot.

    After downloading it, just run the app for root access, then go to the PlayStore and download/install SuperSu.

    If Towelroot does not work, it does no harm. It either works or it doesn't.
    If it doesn't then we'll have to look at other alternatives;)
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  3. smartmanvartan

    smartmanvartan Android Expert

    I actually own this phone, you live in canada on the telus network i presume... this phone has me beat for now... I am an experienced user/modder/weekend developer but this phone has not exploits that i can find so far. I can tell you off the bat that it is a revision of the pop c7 very similar to the 7040x with android 4.4 and different operating frequencies. all methods of rooting for the c7 don't work on the pop icon because all the other variations of this phone have android 4.2.. this phone was released exclusively for telus and it works pretty good with the exception of a bug in power management that reboots the phone at 10% battery or less.. the "other phones" section is not something i check all the time so hit me up with a private message and we can try some stuff together... but as of yet rooting is not possible to my knowledge. feel free to get in contact with me if you have any new info or questions...
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  4. Turds

    Turds Newbie

    Thanks for letting us know towelroot wont work, smartmanvartan. You saved me some time :)
  5. cdaragorn

    cdaragorn Lurker

    I know it's been a few months, but I would really like to know if anyone found a way to root this phone?

    I can't find anything looking around and have not had any success myself. I'd really appreciate it if anyone could share anything you've found.
  6. Edit 1: Guide posted turned out to be a survey spam site with legitimate sounding steps, sorry.

    Edit 2: Has anyone tried rooting with cydia impactor yet or is the system write protected/system patched?


    Or does the new Kingo version work? (It added some new exploits)

    I've been wanting to get this phone, but the lack of root makes it impossible to store apps on SD card.
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  7. smartmanvartan

    smartmanvartan Android Expert

    Thanks for the post, I haven't tried this method yet... I sold this phone to one of my buddies. I'll get him to come over this weekend and we'll try it out and I'll let you guys know...
  8. Cydia Impactor doesn't work with this phone most likely and I have no idea about Kingo as I don't have the phone to test it with, I've been waiting for a root method to buy it, but Kingo is the most recently updated. (Cydia impactor is dated for February of 2014 while the kernal of this phone is dated for July 2014 which is why Towelroot doesn't work even as it requires a kernal <June 2nd 2014)
  9. southsam7

    southsam7 Newbie

    Such a great, affordable phone, absolutely crippled by minimum internal storage and no root method. No way to use SD card to full potential. I'm unloading mine on eBay.
  10. Ki11bordom

    Ki11bordom Lurker

    someone please help me. my phone won't turn on. It is dead and when I plug it in the light goes on for a second and then it turns off and the phone vibrates for a very long time and then nothing happens and I can't turn it on. what do I do?
  11. I know its pretty late to comment but just incase nobody has found an answer yet. Kingroot worked to root my Pop icon.
  12. twosheds

    twosheds Lurker

    I think it's important to point out that this last post is somewhere between questionable and obfuscatory. Like these gentlemen at Android Central, I spend an entire afternoon Kingrooting my Tracfone Pop Icon.

    I loaded it every which way....through the store, through APK, through bluetooth on my iMac.

    Lots and lots and lots of 50%+ attempts that then failed. A few times it actually did go through to completion of the process being indicated, but this just seemed to load some strange asian ROM that only survived less than a minute before the phone restarted and I was back to square one with tracfone's ROM.

    Not being able to root this phone severetely limits my usage and productivity, and I can't afford to upgrade yet, so I tried very hard all after noon. No dice. Just wanted to say that, in contract to the celebratory previous post, Kingroot is by no means a foregone conclusion. By all means give it a try, but be cautious and don't expect much.
  13. Pregmyneg

    Pregmyneg Lurker

    PC or apk? And which version? And did you get a temporary root or a full one? I have the pop icon and I really want to have it rooted

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