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Alcatel OT-990 brick issue :(

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by emoooo, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. emoooo

    emoooo New Member
    Thread Starter

    Apr 26, 2012
    I wanted to install a custom ROM (Marina) on my Alcatel OT-990, so I followed the instructions i went to install the rom by clockwork mode so i wiped system cash and installed zip from sd card and after finishing flashing the rom my phone restart and show android logo and go to alcatel one touch logo and restart and every time tried to turn on the phone it go on alcatel logo and keep restarting
    also tried to go on clockwork mode again by turning on power key and holding volume up and when android logo comes let go of power key and press on home key and keep continue pressing volume up but went to something like factory reset but it keeps restarting and nothing happens also tried to go to clockwork mode by plugin it to pc by usb and run install.bat but it keeps restarting on alcatel one touch logo and i knew that froyo 2.2 shouldn't download it but that wasn't mentioned in the post that i downloaded from so could you please help me and i'm sorry for my bad english :(



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