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Alchemy rapes my phone

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by ultraspank, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. ultraspank

    ultraspank Newbie
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    Anyone else have this game installed, Alchemy? Pretty addictive game but checking through Spare Parts > Battery History just now, under sensor usage it seems Alchemy is using my sensor nonstop since i installed it. Shows up in CPU usage all time totals as well which is pretty substantial considering I've played it twice for no longer than 10 minutes each time and only installed it 4 days ago. Looks like that sensor usage is taking its toll. Wanted to see if anyone else had similar issues or just a heads up for those with this game. I'll be uninstalling it, I have no patience for poor programming... Evo 4G.

  2. o0pyroguy0o

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    Go into alchemy's settings and hit into "behaviour" and turn off shake to shuffle. This will possibly turn off the sensors and help save battery life.
    I honestly have no idea if it'll work but, its worth a try right?

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