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Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by hood420, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. hood420

    hood420 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I just thought I'd share this game with everyone. You start off with four elements mix & match them to make new ones. It's a simple and unique game thats fun to play from time to time.

    Alchemy v1.12 Game for Android | Brain & Puzzle

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  2. DenieD_UK

    DenieD_UK Newbie

    Hi hi,

    Yeh I have this game too... I'm at a frustratingly stuck bit haha! I think my best element so far is a Metal Golem I think
  3. wayrad

    wayrad Android Expert

    It's strangely addictive. I'm up to pearls and skyscrapers.
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  4. Eklecktika

    Eklecktika Newbie

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  5. hood420

    hood420 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    This is one game where using a cheat sheet would really ruin the game. I just tend to open it up and mess with it from time to time, discover a few new elements and come back to it later.
  6. Eklecktika

    Eklecktika Newbie


    Which is why I haven't used said cheat sheet yet, but some peeps don't see things the same way I do, so, yeah. I ran across it searching for a way to play the same game on my PC at work...because its so damned addictive!
  7. Ackow

    Ackow Lurker

    Just got this game today and its rly simple and fun =]
  8. wayrad

    wayrad Android Expert

    Darn, why doesn't blood + undead work? It ought to do something!
  9. facemob

    facemob Newbie

    yeah that should = zombie
  10. topwzp

    topwzp Lurker

    thumps up for your article, great post...
  11. DenieD_UK

    DenieD_UK Newbie

    Suggest something :) In the latest update you can suggest a combination.
  12. Lukehluke

    Lukehluke Android Expert

    It looks pretty good.

    Will look download it :D
  13. facemob

    facemob Newbie

    it has been suggested! :)
  14. Starlight

    Starlight Newbie

    Downloading it now :)
  15. rycheme

    rycheme Member

    Anyone know how to make a wheel in the newest version?
  16. Aremihc

    Aremihc Member

    Texting my girlfriend "Dragon!" and having her get excited about it is AWESOME. Lol
  17. hetomlinson

    hetomlinson Newbie

    Anyone know where I can get an apk file of this as I cannot get it on the market. I am on the HTC Tattoo.

    I really want to try it out

  18. mrmojoz

    mrmojoz Android Enthusiast

    This is a fun game and a good use of a touch based platform.
  19. wayrad

    wayrad Android Expert

    "Tequila" can be made in a strangely logical way...I nearly snorked when it actually worked!
  20. Taylored

    Taylored Android Enthusiast

    Thanks for the hint. I kept trying to make agave... this makes more sense.
  21. i feel like i'm stuck way too early on in this game. i've only got like 30 elements! i think my best is a lightbulb. getting a bit frustrated, but now that i see some things you can make, i'm gonna keep trying.

    a simple one that's not there: earth + pressure should = coal, then coal + pressure should = diamond, but it's not there.
  22. hood420

    hood420 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Those would make sense. You could suggest them, there's a way within the app to suggest elements.
  23. i've suggested it, so we'll see if it works out. i've got a long way to go anyway. i mean, i'm at the point where i'm annoyed that i can't make ice to turn a storm into a blizzard, but there're zombies and tequila to be made!
  24. xmr405o

    xmr405o Android Expert

    Is this the same game that can be played on kongregate.com using 2.2 Android with the flash plug-in? That is a fun game. Didn't know it was available in the market. I'll check it out.

    Edit: no it's not. but this one does look interesting
  25. mazdapunk87

    mazdapunk87 Lurker

    This game is pretty cool! , glad I read this thread to know about it. Thanks to the op!

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