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Support Alert tones keep changing since JB update

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Shazbat, Aug 7, 2013.

  1. Shazbat

    Shazbat Member
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    Before the JB update on my S2, I had a message alert tone, a WhatsApp alert tone, a ringtone and a default notification tone - all different.

    Since the JB update, despite still having all of these set, the predominant tone is the default notification; even though when I go into my message apps, the tones are still showing as set correctly. They only work again after I 're-select' them from the ringtone list.

    I also seem to have 2 and 3 of each ringtone, for some reason, and I can't see/find how to delete the extra versions.

    Handset: SGII
    Model No: GT-I9100P
    Android Version: 4.1.2
    Baseband: I9100PXXLS8
    Kernel: 3.0.31-1246097


  2. Shazbat

    Shazbat Member
    Thread Starter

    I disabled the 'Default ringtone' (which used to indicate calendar appointments, available wifi networks, etc) and this seemed to disable ALL notifications.

    I set my 'current ringtone' in my Handcent message app to what I want it to be, but when I go out of it and then go back into the settings, it has automatically switched to the 'default ringtone'. If I set the 'default ringtone' to the one I want for message alerts, I get that tone for everything. Same with my WhatsApp, I just checked it and that had also switched itself to the 'default ringtone' which is different to my preferred alert tone for that app.

    It's not exactly life-threatening but very frustrating. Why could I do this before JB and not now? I can't work out whether it's a result of connecting to my PC (as happened before JB occasionally if I disconnected it phone-first, rather than PC-first)

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