Morgan Mondo

Aug 23, 2022
When I am Typing a document, for instance, and alert pops up that tells me the document is too long to to scan for errors and that alert stays and obscures keyboard Or when I am typing a long text message and alert will pop up and obscure the keyboard and say "this will be sent as a multimedia message" or something and it obscures the keyboard. How do I shorten the display time of the alert because it obscures either the keyboard or what I'm working on.
The only time I had problems with lingering notices and toast messages was when I had too many apps using the accessibility service.

Each one slows a device down.

If this is not the issue, then I would use a different messaging app.
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Confession time. I never had this issue before I changed a setting. I didn't, but should have, note it down. My hope is someone will know that setting and direct me to it.