[Alfa test] remote controle app Idears and scaling questions


Hey :p

So I’m working on a remote Control app for android :p

The goal’s with this app is:
Amp / receiver control in one app / screen
simple and customizable up
supporting a lot of different devices (amp receiver tv dvd and so on)

Work in progress
Help screen
Setup screen
adding support for more devices other than (samsung, loewe, nad)
better looking UI
more different UI layouts

Future idea.
Lock screen buttons
Sonos integration

Response request
Do you like the simple UI if you think it’s simple
UI layout change suggestions
did you have any creases?? If steps you reproduce
changes suggestions

App help info not in app yeat
Long click to change button function (button will not change image, text)
Change model function not working ATM

app shut scal / look like this pleas report if not

pleas use link insted off downloding the apk here


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