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Well... im a new lg marquee user and the new update just... yeah... well im offering a $400 donation to xda or android forums who ever gets me my damn wifi back gets paid


i think when he updated OTA it stopped his wifi from working ... have u tried resetting your router? dis abling and enabling wifi


Could be that he means the wifi-hotspotting has stopped working after the most recent, root-killing update. We need more info.

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Since I am not exactly sure what problem you are having here is some options of a couple things. Well This is just an idea if it is just a WiFi issue and not phone. This is something I personally have had an issue with WiFi Connecting with my WiFi Enabled Devices.What happened after hours of tinkering, it was due to my Cisco Linksys Router. Though it affects my 2 Laptops and Phone. Every so often I would have to go into my Router Settings and click setup, then change the number of allowed users. I usually set it to have one open slot for a guest at my house. Anyway I would change it from 4 to 5 and save and then Wifi works again. When it happens again I change it from 5 to 4 and save, and so on. Now if it is not that here are a couple options for your phone if it is still stock.. Though if you did the OTA Update then these will not work.