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Support All Apps Crashing Without Warning Or Error

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Wasim Sayyed, Oct 29, 2012.

  1. Wasim Sayyed

    Wasim Sayyed New Member
    Thread Starter

    Oct 29, 2012
    Hello Frnds Recently I brought Micromax A57 And All Apps Are Crashing Without Warning, Freeze Or Error Message..Even Browser
    And Google Play Store Showing Error "Invalid Package" or "invalid Manifest" in first 2-3 Attempts Then At 3rd Attempt Finally App Is Get Installed.
    Things To Consider
    1.I Not Rooted My Phone

    2.No Special Apps Are There Only Some Top Games,Talking Tomcat Etc.And Maxthon Browser. **Only "Cache Clear" App Is Installed To Clear Cache

    3.No Themes No Launcher Even I Not Changed My Wallpaper And Default Shortcuts On Screen.

    4.I Moved All Movable Apps To SD Card
    List Of Apps Which Are On SD Card ***8 GB Micro SDHC Having 1.7GB Free

    Talking Ben,Kingsoft Ofiice,Talking Tom 2,Maxthon Browser,Winamp,Air hockey(game),OneT Draw(game),Pinball Delux(game),Mx Player,Hill Climb Racing,App 2 SD, X-plore,Unicorn Dash(game),Replica Island(game),App Bacup And Restore,OpenSudoku(game),QuickPic

    And On Phone Memory

    Cache Clear,WhatsApp(I Updated It),And Maxthon Browser Green Theme

    This Much Apps I Having(Installed) In My Phone

    So Please Help Me With This Issue
    ***I Dont Want To Root My Phone

    Second Small Issue:
    It Takes Too Much Time To Connect Call And Some Times when dialing Call Get Disconnected Without Any Message(Like Busy Tone Etc.)
    And USSD Code Show Connection Problem In First 2-3 Attempts(Like Code To Check Remaining Balance) **I dont Have Network Problems,And I Dont Have Any Issue If I Insert Same Sim In Nokia 2700


  2. aKp1

    aKp1 Well-Known Member

    Oct 10, 2012
    Try clearing more phone memory! Check it through x-plore about ur remaining phone memory! Remove all unwanted apps that are installed in ur phone memory! I also had once a similar prob! I just went up to application manager and cleared the cache data of mlabs.launcher and then restarted the phone!
  3. akhilsnaik

    akhilsnaik Member

    Oct 19, 2012
    man wasim,

    first of all i brought this phone just a week ago and rooted the phone the next day .
    u believe me or not rooted phone rockz.

    micromax a57 has many rubbish apps like mbuddy, mstore, whatsapp(old version . update needs 6 mb on internal which is costly on 128mb free memory. ) then Hookup is good but when u use hooup with messages it doubles notification and due to it your phone hangs.

    once you root your phone . you can install link2sd , titanuim backup which helps in freezing many system unwanted apps which you are fed off ,

    Try swapper to increase ram . man believe me phone works in go .

    Before root: my phone has problems llike music player pauses when out of memory, phone hanging when a call comes during i use facebook etc.

    After root : 75 % of my phones problem solved.

    so i suggest you to rot your phone carefully with a keen mind. see youtube videos ask help here. no worries we are to help you.

    Now if you are not ready to root your phone then install advanced taskkiller pro. which is paid version available in play store or get from torrentz. if you need ask me i will help with link.

    Any furhter doubt feel freee to ask here MICROMAX NINJA a57 facebook group

    Or subcribe me and message me Akhil s naik

    if you dont subscibe and messaged me then your messages go unnotified for me.

    Always ready to help.

    Regards ,
    Akhil S Naik;););)
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  4. rsinha108

    rsinha108 New Member

    Nov 13, 2012
    Hi akhilsnaik, I am also facing some of the issues listed above , but based on your suggestions I will try to root and remove unwanted apps .


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