Help All Contacts gone & Apps crashing


Heya folks. I've got a serious problem:

Yesterday I had my phone ran out of battery and battery was off for approx.~24hours. After I finally got home and hooked this thing up to a charger and started it up. The start up took surprisingly long. Then on start up my phone was telling me about my androids new features and all desktops were wiped out. All settings like keyboard languages and such were wiped out.

I hitted contacts and all contacts were gone. I have saved all contacts directly to my phone. All contacts were moved from SIM to Phone -option. I don't have any contacts saved in GMail accounts or any other accounts.

So I tried the following:
Import from sdcard > phone: No vCard file found
Import from anything doesnt return contacts which should be on phone's internal SD card.(I may be wrong on this one but it would be only logical)
From display options choose contacts to display, everything checked

Apps crashing:
Any previously installed application that uses Google ads doesn't work. When apps start and at any point if it tried to load a ad from google it crashes. So most apps have this feature and I'm forced to re-install these apps to use them again.

What's there to be done? I've got android 2.2.1