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All contacts syncing, but not all groups?

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by interestingfel, Dec 25, 2011.

  1. interestingfel

    Thread Starter

    HI! First post here, thanks fer having me!

    OK, I'll get right to it. I had an HD2, loved it, it got stolen, bought a G1, played with it, decided I liked android, so I got a faster bigger badder cliq 2, and love it (except blur, which sucks).


    I was trying to figure out how to mass sms; which I found on these wonderful forums (apps, contacts, menu, display groups, click group name on top bar, text all), at which point I began mass texting clients and friends for Christmas, except 1 group.
    All of my contacts have synced, but not all my groups (which one needs to mass text). I had a category named "Friends" in my gmail. I figured out it was a default group and couldn't be renamed, so I made a new group named "My Friends" and moved them all over to it. Tried to sync (data, accounts, gmail, menu, sync now) several times, waited a couple hours, and that group won't transfer to my phone. The rest of the groups do (5 of them), but not "my friends" (the sixth).

    How do I get all the groups to sync, or have i exceeded the max number of groups or something???


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  2. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor

    Check out Google Contacts from your PC web browser and check the groups there (its supposed to import from Gmail). If everything is fine, on your phone go to Contacts>Menu>More>Display options>Gmail>check if the groups you have are checked as well.
  3. interestingfel

    Thread Starter

    Eh...Yes the group is there in the web browser.
    But, when I go to my phone, I can go

    SOB! Ok, it's under contacts>menu>hide show.... WTH would all but one category be hidden by default???


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