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All contacts transferred in as "Skype Contacts"

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ju5tin99, Sep 19, 2011.

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    I recently got an Evo 4G. I took my old phone and the Evo in to a Sprint store a few days after I got in and had them use their magic little machine to transfer over all the contacts. It took a few seconds and the dude gave both back and told me I was good to go. When I tried to pull up my contacts, all I could see still were email addresses from my Gmail account. I quickly figured out how to uncheck the box for Gmail to get the email addresses out of there, but then I noticed that only one contact was listed under "Phone" and about 118 were listed under "Skype". 118 happens to be exactly how many contacts I had in the old phone.

    Somehow all the contacts got transferred in as Skype contacts. I had installed the Skype app prior to the transfer, but I think I only actually have like five contacts in Skype, and I didn't set it up to sync or anything. I've tried to figure out how to export the Skype contacts to a file on the SD card and then load them into Gmail so I can sync it back, but it only gives me the option to export Phone and Google contacts.

    Anybody have any ideas how I can get all the Skype contacts listed as Phone contacts? As it is I can't edit them or anything, and it's kind of annoying. If it matters I've tried hitting the link button on the ones listed as Skype contacts and the only thing it will let me link them with is my Facebook contacts, which doesn't help at all.

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