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All i hear are complaints....

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by stas333, Jun 15, 2010.

  1. Cru

    Cru Member

    I love my phone. IMO it's the best phone ever released. I have no light leakage, no screen separation, awesome battery life (around 40 hours with a decent amount of use), and the best thing is I am actually using this phone to replace my netbook. I can surf the web blazing fast over wi-fi, chat on irc, watch youtube/flash videos, facebook, download music, etc.

    Only problems I've had were software/human related. Me screwing around with an OS I'd never used before...the problems were easily remedied. I'd give this phone 5/5 stars all the way. I'm becoming well versed in the android os thanks to this forum.

    Note: I received my phone via the second wave release.


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  2. ballr4lyf

    ballr4lyf Well-Known Member

    If the problems outweigh the benefits then return the device. I would never own a device that has more problems than it has pluses. (EDIT: I didn't mean this as a snide remark, just a matter-of-fact statement).

    To the OP, the problem is not so much the complaining, it's when complaining crosses over into bitching that it becomes an issue.... For instance, a problem is brought up, a suggested resolution is posted, then the original poster comes back to say that the resolution is not good enough because it wasn't resolved the way he wanted it to be resolved. WTF?!?! :thinking:

    I can't tell you how many times I've seen this just in this forum.
  3. some.devil

    some.devil Android Enthusiast

    What do you expect from a fourm? This is where people will bitch and moan, and it's only a fraction of users that are here.
  4. Cicatrize

    Cicatrize Newbie

    Everyone seems to have a ton of complaints, but the only one I feel is legitimate is the touch screen lag. It really pisses me off in games and in Solo (guitar app)
  5. tysonmax

    tysonmax Newbie

    I feel the same. I don't have any of the hardware related problems being discussed.

    After doing the battery tweaks, I don't have a single complaint. Plus it doesn't hurt I'm going from a $130 a month At&t iPhone plan to a $75 a month Sprint plan.
  6. JoshUng

    JoshUng Well-Known Member

    Personally have had no real problems, I guess my Wi-Fi signal strength could be better, but thats about it.

    If people are complaining about legitimate issues, I'm okay with that. If it is a problem that's fixable (or at least preventable in future batches) by HTC or Sprint, people complaining is the best way to get them to do it.

    I'll be thrilled if an update comes along which makes my Wi-Fi stronger, or battery better (my battery life is okay, but it can always improve).

    But yeah, there are a lot of complaints that seem to either exaggerate the problem itself, or exaggerate how widespread the problem is. Those are not helpful.
  7. Headcase_Fargone

    Headcase_Fargone Well-Known Member

    My complaints are mainly around Sprint's coverage and their network, not the phone. That is, unless it's the phone's hardware causing the lack of signal. At this point I'm just not sure.

    The phone itself and its features are second to none as far as I'm concerned. But you have to look at the whole package.
  8. MrPassion

    MrPassion Member

    I am sure there are legitimate complaints out there but what do you think the chances are that some competitors might have a skunk works going seeding doubts about perfectly good equipment. I bring this up because I am someone that researches everything I buy and notice almost no product, no matter how good does not have someone running it down. Some of the complaints are absurd like the reviewer that says the Evo is slow. What? I wonder about certain reviewers and whether they might receive a little under the table compensation. Not of course from the High Moralist of computers and cell phones.
    I don't consider myself particularly paranoid but I am pretty sure this type of thing goes on both in business and in politics.
  9. SoFLO

    SoFLO Guest

    Complaining about complaints is the same thing.
  10. fredsmith

    fredsmith Member

    I love my phone. No quality issues, I have realistic expectations about the battery and control my background apps and radios accordingly to maximize battery life, and it is just so danged fun to use.
  11. sikclown

    sikclown Android Expert

    Well being a longtime Smartphone user and frequenting forums for Windows Mobile and Android for a longtime I can tell you... every phone forum is pretty much the same. TOns of people pointing out faults and also a lot of legitimate concerns and problems. ANd then there are all the Trolls spreading discontent. It is just the nature of the beast really. People complain.. it's what we do best really as Americans lol.
  12. keri2000

    keri2000 Newbie

    No complaints here. Like any forum you'll see this behavior because people that are happy usually won't say anything. When I was on the Precentral forums we had the same problem times ten because the build quality of the Pre was so awful. I don't even read the complaint threads but will take the time to help someone when they need it. My one wish: label the beginning of your post with "help needed" or "complaint".
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  13. Mecha

    Mecha Member

    Those of us who actually own the device have the right to complain about the glaring issues concerning all of the Evos (30fps cap, touch sensor lag), as well as the spotty build quality some of us are experiencing.

    But you do have a point regarding those who don't have it. Their complaining is just ridiculous.
  14. Scarlett920

    Scarlett920 Member

    I think the phone is great! Im not having any issues with my phone so Im happy. It does what I want and much more than I had with the Touch Pro. I think some people got caught in the hype of it all and weren't realistic. At the end of the day you should purchase a phone that meets your needs. So, if you are looking for certain features purchase the phone with the features you want and need the most.
  15. androidgynous

    androidgynous Newbie

    I don't have any issues yet. Screen seems fine on mine but I did put a silicone case on it.

    Even tho Atlanta has 4g indicated where I live, it is spotty. I can't get it inside the condo, but get it in my car.

    Call quality is good.

    Don't miss the keyboard much, because of the talk type feature, and the screen keyboard works better than moment.

    LOVE the larger screen and phone is not too big.
  16. damewolf13

    damewolf13 live~laugh~love

    Actually, I am a very happy launch day Evo, and launch day Incredible owner, with absolutely no bad issues on either phone, but it can be a little intimidating to speak up as a happy Evo owner when so many here have problems, and the few happy people who have spoken up have been reproached by some of those that are having issues with their Evo's.
    It's not that we are not here....we are just being quiet about our good fortune.
  17. SiGGy

    SiGGy Lurker

    21 hours ... 70% remaining. Light usage. E-mail/txt/light browsing.

    Until I shutoff the "live wallpaper" and dialed down the OCD updates I didn't have great performance. But it's great now.
  18. MrPassion

    MrPassion Member

    Seriously, I think competitors are driving this.
  19. sloppy

    sloppy Lurker

    Comin from an iPhone i love my evo screw those debbie downers!
  20. wvuametz

    wvuametz Newbie

    I came from an iToy, too. However, when I pay $129.00/month plus a couple of $10 fees for unavailable 4G in my area, plus $14/month for insurance, along with the initial $400+$35 Activation Fee for two new phones, I EXPECT THE DAMNED PHONES TO BE PERFECT. Sorry for being a customer who is always right. Sorry for being a "techie" who knows repairable crap when he sees it and will do whatever it takes to get the newest and BETTER models to replace my poorly-built models.

    This has nothing to do with "growing up" or "getting over it" or being "happy with what have with the best phone on the market." It has to do with my hard-earned dollar being properly spent and subsequently represented in my purchase. Period.

    I'll exchange and exchange and exchange until I have one that is PERFECT. P.S., my wife's first replacement is coming Friday to Radio Shack. Mine will be soon after, I'm sure.
  21. alansauce

    alansauce Member

    People don't usually get up and write about how happy they are. It's as simple as that. For every person that complains there are probably 20 that are completely satisfied.

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