all in one inbox apps available?


Are there any programs that do an all in one inbox, for sms/mms and email?

right now I'm using K9-mail and the stock sms program, but I would find it very efficient to be able to manage my sms and email messages in one place.

Similar to the one on BBos?

Thanks for reading , Mark


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Have you looked at the app "My Message"?

Thanks for replying to my thread :)

I tried the my message app, it doesnt quite have the customization I would want, such as being able to set check intervals etc.

it looks like I cannot delete the default rss feed, only edit it, so I always have an rss feed in my inbox even if i don't want one.

as it supports XMPP for googletalk i was hoping for a facebook entry, but that isnt there

it seems so close, but not quite what I was looking for.

right now im just using k9 and stock sms app , even If i could just get a sms plugin for k9 I would be happy.


Try emailing the developer(s) of K9 then. Maybe it's an option that can be implemented