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ROMs All iTel Android Stock ROM Firmware (PAC File) Download Links

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by ArykTECH, Dec 21, 2016.


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  1. ArykTECH

    ArykTECH Lurker
    Thread Starter
    Oct 18, 2016

    Oct 18, 2016
    Although, iTel android stock ROM firmware which are usually in PAC file are common these days but getting the actual ones that work perfectly with your phone and without any errors after flashing could still be difficult somehow. Here, I have a complete list of all iTel Stock ROM firmware. With each stock ROM, I have enclosed a how-to flash tutorial so you don't have to worry about how to flash the phones.
    1. These stock ROM are in .PAC format. PAC is the official format for most spreadtrum android devices of which most iTel phones belong.
    2. I am not sure if adding several external links; as as 60 External Links to a post/thread on AndroidForums is OK. So, to avoid any penalties, I have included a link to a page that contains all the iTel Stock Firmware.
    3. If you have any questions or issues, you may post it here. I shall do all I can to be as responsive and helpful as possible.

    Here is the link: http://www.aryk.tech/2015/11/all-itel-android-stock-firmware-and.html

    iTel Android Stock ROM Download Links In the Page above include:
    1. iTel 1701 Stock ROM Download
    2. iTel 1503 Stock ROM Download
    3. iTel 1502 Stock ROM Download
    4. iTel 1501 iNOTE Grand Stock ROM
    5. iTel 1500 Stock ROM
    6. iTel 1453 Stock ROM
    7. iTel 1452 Stock ROM
    8. iTel 1451 Stock ROM
    9. iTel 1450 Stock ROM
    10. iTel 1405 Stock ROM
    11. iTel 1404 Stock ROM
    12. iTel 1403 Plus Stock ROM
    13. iTel 1403 Stock ROM
    14. iTel 1402 Stock ROM
    15. iTel 1401 Stock ROM
    16. iTel 1400 Stock ROM
    17. iTel 1353 Stock ROM
    18. iTel 1352 (Variant 1 and 2) Stock ROM
    19. iTel 1351E Stock ROM
    20. iTel 1351 Stock ROM
    21. iTel 1350 (Variant 1 and 2) Stock ROM
    22. iTel 1506 Stock ROM
    23. iTel 1702 Stock ROM
    24. iTel 1507 Stock ROM
    25. iTel 1550 Stock ROM
    26. iTel 1410 Stock ROM
    27. iTel 1511 Stock ROM
    28. iTel 1512 Stock ROM
    29. iTel 1553 Stock ROM
    30. iTel 5231 Stock ROM
    31. iTel 5320 Stock ROM
    32. iTel 5600 Stock ROM
    33. iTel 5622 Stock ROM
    34. iTel 2130 Stock ROM
    35. iTel 2130 Stock ROM
    36. iTel 5020 Stock ROM
    37. iTel 1508 Stock ROM
    38. iTel 1516 Stock ROM
    39. iTel 1520 Stock ROM
    40. iTel 1516 Plus Stock ROM
    41. iTel 1409 Stock ROM
    42. iTel 1355 Stock ROM
    43. iTel 1407 Stock ROM
    44. iTel 1408 Stock ROM
    45. iTel 1505 Stock ROM
    46. iTel 1406 Stock ROM
    47. iTel 1353P Stock ROM

    Brief Note On How to Flash Each of this ROM On your iTel Android Devices:
    1. Download SPD Flash Tools and install it on your PC. Also, it is a must to install SpreadTRUM Android drivers on your PC. You may download it from here: http://www.aryk.tech/2016/11/how-to-install-spd-android-drivers.html . For SPD Download Tools, see here: http://www.aryk.tech/2015/11/how-to-flash-itel-android-devices-using.html

    2. Download your iTel Stock Firmware, PAC File from the list above.

    3. Open the SpreadTRUM Flash Tool you downloaded from the Link above. It is compressed in a zip file, simply extract it onto a folder on your PC, open the folder to locate the SpreadTRUM Upgrade Tool application and then; double-click it to lunch the program.

    4. Now, Put off your iTel android device or remove battery from it and re-insert the battery then, connect your Phone to the PC.

    5. Now, select the specific STOCK FIRMWARE you downloaded for your iTel android device by clicking on the Select Pack icon.

    6: As soon as the file is loaded successfully, click on "Download Button" to commence the flashing operation.
    NOTE: During the flashing operation, your phone may reboot once or twice. Just leave it and do not interrupt the operation.

    7: Once the flashing operation is successfully completed, you will see "Previous Passed" message displayed in green INK on the SpreadTRUM Flash Tool.

    For Graphical Illustration on how to flash your iTel Android devices, see the link on the SPD Download Tools page just above here.

    Have More Questions?
    Add your comment or visit http://www.aryk.tech


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