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All past Droid(one) users come in!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by sycron, Jul 22, 2010.

  1. sycron

    sycron Member
    Thread Starter

    If you have have, or had a Moto Droid, and made the switch to the X, Im curious as to how you adapted to it. Without the keyboard, with the smaller size..

    What are you thoughts? You like it better, or do you miss some aspects? I'm going to be upgrading soon and want to know the experience switching :)

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  2. passtheflask

    passtheflask Newbie

    i had the droid1 and i love it from the moment i got it until the moment i retired it for the droid x. i admit, i was hesitant about the x not having a keyboard, but with so much screen real estate typing on the virtual keyboard is simple, especially combined with the auto-correct (most of the time haha). the phone itself is much faster than the droid1 and after just a few short days with the x, i realize it would be very difficult to go back to a smaller screen size. 4.3 inches seems to be a perfect size. so good luck with the upgrading and as long as you have no problems with virtual keyboards you will be very happy
  3. nathan312

    nathan312 Android Enthusiast

    I'd love to upgrade...but my NON NE2 upgrade is due in Oct, so...who knows if anything "better" will be out by then. AND I would have to get the money together lol...screw college.
  4. The X is a fantastic phone. It's quick,and will be even quicker when it gets 2.2. It fits in the hand pretty well (if it was even just a little bit larger it would be too big IMO), one handed use isnt bad at all with the only stretch being the top left corner in my experience. The screen looks excellent, and you can see it in direct sunlight just as well as the AMOLED screens. Pictures and recorded vids are really good (for a phone camera). I really like the motorola widgets, but I prefer to use them on ADW launcher insead of the stock home/launcher. Build quality is really good, the phone feels solid yet light.
    That being said, if it doesnt get rooted before my 30 days is up, I'm giving it back to Verizon and waiting for something else. As locked down as it is, it might as well be an i*hone, and I hate the i*hone.
  5. ashykat

    ashykat Android Expert

    I love the X, but I loved the Droid 1 too. I loved the hefty metal feel the Droid 1 had, and even thought the X is built very well I still prefer the Droid 1's feel. I've already adapted very easily. The screen size is perrrrfect, and I hardly used the hard keyboard on the Droid 1 anyway so this wasn't too hard to adapt to.
  6. carmendiva

    carmendiva Android Expert

    Former Droid owner and i don't miss it and i adapted pretty quick

    the keyboard on the droid was just a utter hassle to use for me
  7. pirahna

    pirahna Well-Known Member

    Had a orginal Droid from the day it was released, now a X on release day. I loved the Orignal but I love everything about the X more. Only thing that sucks is the problem they are having getting exchange to work.
  8. I guess I'm keeping it. Since we have root now!!!!!!
  9. 1up5dn

    1up5dn Well-Known Member

    I moved up from the original Droid and couldn't be happier. I got the D1 specifically for the keyboard, but ended up never using it, so it only added weight and bulkiness.

    Droid X is a huge step in the right direction!
  10. damstr

    damstr Android Enthusiast

    Things I miss are ... Droid is much louder and the vibrate is stronger. Its also easier to one hand.

    With that said I love my X and can't wait for Froyo!
  11. DroidSloth

    DroidSloth Newbie

    I agree with most of the posts here, vibrate isn't as strong, feels very sturdy, good size in my hands, camera/video is great. Once I got swype on my d1 I never felt the need for the physical keyboard so that is not missed. My only gripe is these physical buttons instead of the soft touch buttons. I miss those a lot. I suppose I'll get used to it enough to not even realize I'm pressing them instead of touching them, but this is a big hurdle for me to overcome. Certainly nothing bad enough to outweigh any of the great features of the phone, and of course now that I rooted it I'm happier than ever.
  12. Doubledee90

    Doubledee90 Android Enthusiast

    I got the Droid when it first released and I loved it. I had it rooted with a custom rom and overclocked, so wasnt sure if I would like the Droid X speed wise. But damn this thing flies by my Droid. I actually think that the virtual keyboard on the Droid X is better than the Droid's hardware keyboard. Pretty much everything is better on the X, I dont think you will be disappointed.
  13. thenew3

    thenew3 Android Enthusiast

    I have the D1 since launch and same with X.
    Even with my D1 running a custom 2.2 rom and overclocked to 1ghz, the X is still much faster.
    I've been using both side by side since I got the X. still can't give up my D1.
    I like how it doesn't have all the motorola bloatware on it, and how I can pretty much customize it however I like.

    With Root being achieved today on the X, I was able to remove some of the bloatware, but it still doesn't compare to the plain vanilla android on my D1.

    the touch screen on my D1 stopped working yesterday, verizon is sending a refurb, so today I'm stuck using the X only.

    I may end up keeping both, depending on if custom ROMs can be loaded onto the X, and how the 2.2 update works out.
  14. jroc

    jroc Android Expert

    What I miss from my Droid:

    EDIT after reading post below: Speaker (Not really the speaker cuz in calls, games and music its fine) (For ringtone and alarm volume and probably navigation its lower than my Droid. I think it might be certain audio files might have a lower bitrate, I dont know..worth checking into. And to be fair I did run that Low Volume hack on my Droid..)

    Running custom ROMs.

    Speaker might be a moot point now that the X has root. Thats about it.

    I thought I needed a physical keyboard after my previous touch screen smartphone had a horrible screen. After getting the X, I barely used it. I was actually looking at getting the Inc., but I believe Motorola is known for having better reception than most phones.

    And reception is what made me keep my X. It has better reception than my Droid when it had 2.1, which was already nice, and better reception than when I put 2.2 on my Droid (2.2 had a antenna update that gave me even better reception than the one on 2.1)

    X having better reception than that 2.2 antenna update? Very, very nice. And I'm not getting rid of my Droid either.
  15. phobic

    phobic Android Enthusiast

    I still have my Droid (got it on day 1) but I haven't messed with it at all since I got my X. I probably used the physical keyboard maybe 10 times total so I adapted to the X quickly. Everything about the X is better except the vibration strength and maybe the external speaker volume, though I've used speakerphone several times and like it better than I did on my Droid.

    This is also the first phone I've owned (and I've owned a TON-- 8 smartphones this year alone) that I actually like taking pics with. The camera is much better in comparison to the Droid 1's.
  16. spiritedcharm

    spiritedcharm Newbie

    Like everyone else, I loved my D1 and I love my DX even more. My only complaint is the signal is not as strong. I work in a basement and had 3G coverage with the DX, but have to exist mostly with 1X and occasionally 3G. It sits on the desk cradle and I can watch it pop in and out of 3G. I can live with that though. It's just too great in EVERY other way not to.
  17. anaphora68

    anaphora68 Well-Known Member

    I love my Droid 1, but I used an upgrade on a line on my account and I'm not looking back. I miss being able to load customer ROMs, but that's about it, to be honest.

    The X is blazing fast. Now that I'm rooted, I was able to remove some of the Verizon bloatware. I do miss some of the native Android apps. though (Camera comes to mind).
  18. deekum1627

    deekum1627 Android Enthusiast

    just got my X today and i love it i im fine with the switch i never used the keyboard on the droid
  19. sycron

    sycron Member
    Thread Starter

    Wow, I never expected so many replies! But then again.. the Droid was a beast :p

    Reading through all the posts, it seems all Droid users adapted and made the switch easily, which makes the Droid X a worthy new addition to the line up.

    The only two main complaints Ive seen are, the speaker and vibration levels, which I'm sure we can all agree that these aren't really that big of a issue.
    The one thing I never liked about the Droid1 was that the keyboard always slid out in my pocket, and just felt like I had two phones in my pocket rubbing against each other. Now that the X is one piece of hardware, I think this problem won't exist any longer :D

    From what I have read, and how it was a great switch, I am most definitely going to make the leap to the X and experience if for myself :)
  20. JillyBean

    JillyBean Newbie

    I switched from a Droid to a Droid X and I love this new phone. I was leaning in the direction of always wanting the next new phone coming out but just couldn't seem to ever be in a store when they had Incredible in stock and even considered switching to Sprint for an Evo, but again, they weren't in stock when I was at the store. I'm thinking my destiny was to have a Droid X! And this is a phone I think I can stay with for a long time. :)

    I was beginning to feel like my old Droid was clunky and I didn't really like the slide out keyboard much. I started using Swype shortly after getting my Droid X and it works so great that I'm relieved to be rid of the keyboard. The DX screen size is a definite improvement, several screens available to organize all my apps and widgets, the button to turn on the phone feels better to me, and everything works fast!

    I suppose the only thing I've had a tiny bit of trouble adapting to is the layout of the four physical buttons, but I bought a cover that prevents me from seeing them well and it took a little while for me to adjust. Just kept feeling like the back button and the home button were backwards for me.

    Anyway, the Droid X is definitely a keeper and I'm pretty sure, short of some hardware problem, that I'll be staying with it awhile.
  21. iPhone2Droid

    iPhone2Droid Well-Known Member

    iPhone 3Gs >> (MyTouch 3G <sigh>) >> Droid (oooo baby!) >> Droid X (1 word: eHeaven!!!).
  22. Wolfedude88

    Wolfedude88 Android Expert

    When i first started reading this I thought it was going to say iphone is greater than all of these other phones. :eek:

    I do wish I would have owned the original Droid but I because I never used the keyboard on the G1 I never wanted to have another keyboard on a phone. Didn't want something that took up space that I wasn't going to use.

    Heck I don't even turn my phone in landscape ever. The Droid seemed like a great phone, and now with the X, I don't think I could be happier with any other phone, right now.:D
  23. BonJoviGirl

    BonJoviGirl Member

    I had Droid 1 from day one. After searching all over fl while on vacation only to be told again and again that the whole state and country were sold out of Droid X I was about to give up and my daughter said there's a verizon. We went across 3 lanes walked into the store asked if they had Droid X and were told yes. Yay! Unknown when I walked in they were closed half an hour ago but forgot to lock the door. I took it as a sign it was mention to be. The salesman stayed 2 and a half hours past close to help me. So got the Droid X and I love it. I really wanted it before I go to a concert this weekend so happy about that. I never used the slide out on droid 1 so don't miss that, I like the new lsyout in the car dock with favoritesvright there to call quick. The thing I am having a hard time adjusting to but will overcome is the switch of the menu, home and back keys. I keep going to the droid 1 spot, not bad for an only complaint. My husband now has my droid 1 and he thought he wouldn't like it he's not much of a techno actually likes it. My daughter got her upgrade same day and I couldn't talk her into a droid she got a bb curve. Droid X great phone. Videoss come out great, which I hope is the case at my concert row 3.
  24. carmendiva

    carmendiva Android Expert

    Gosh let's see what my track record has been in the past year

    January 2009-July 2010

    1)Lg dare(got in 2008)
    2)Samsung Alias 2
    3)Lg Env touch
    4)Black Berry storm
    5)Moto Droid
    6)Droid Eris
    7)Moto Droid Again
    8)Palm Pre plus
    9)Moto Droid Once more
    10)eris once more
    11)KIN TWO
    12)Droid Incredible
    13)Htc Hero
    14)HTC EVO
    15)motorola Droid
    16)Droid X-and i think i will be keeping this for awhile

    So after repeat affairs with the eris and droid, it has taken me 10 phones to actually find a phone aka the droid X that i wan to keep longer then a month

    and it seems like me and the droid can never stay away from each other too long lol
  25. AFAngryWarrior

    AFAngryWarrior Android Enthusiast

    Totally LOVE the X, would never go back. Besides OS updates and a front facing camera, I would keep this phone for a very long time. Its fast, runs smooth for me and I dont have any of the problems most people post about.

    On my Original Droid I started using Swype when it was taken from another device and posted. Once I started using Swype I never used the keyboard so it was silly to keep the Droid and not upgrade to the X. I went to the Incredible after the X which was a great upgrade, still not built in swype so I had to keep changing versions manually. Then the X came out and I love the screen, camera and camcorder. The screen is great for watching JetFlicks or Movies off my SD card.

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