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All SMS threads mysteriously deleted.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mike8813, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. mike8813

    mike8813 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    So my droid just deleted about 1,000 or so text and picture messages among 5 or 6 different threads. I don't know what I could have done to cause this, as I've had "never delete messages" selected since day one.

    I've seen a few more instances of this happening on other forums, but no mention of it here. Has anybody else run into this bug? It's infuriating.

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  2. Hola91

    Hola91 Member

    I have been having the same problems except that the sms keeps force closing on me. I can have one thread with five messages and it force closes and deletes the thread. I could have ten threads with a ton of messages and it will force close and delete all of them. No ryhme or reason to any of it. I have tried uninstalling all apps and still have the same problem. I posted it on this forum before but never really got a solid answer. This is the only problem that I have been having with the Droid. It's getting kinda of annoying but based on some of the other problems I have been reading about, I can't complain.
  3. KoukiFC3S

    KoukiFC3S Android Expert

    Just had my messaging app force close; and now all of my texts are gone.
  4. daytona3_8

    daytona3_8 Lurker

    I am having the same problem :( really really sucks. Hope a solution it found...
  5. DanSan

    DanSan Android Enthusiast

    ive been having problems with handcent getting a few force closes.. usually happens when the built in popup addin shows up, it forces closes too.

    also had a force closes while making a phone call today

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