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All Tecno Stock ROM Firmware Download Links

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by ArykTECH, Jan 1, 2019.


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  1. ArykTECH

    ArykTECH Lurker
    Thread Starter

    For those who might be looking for it, here is an updated list of all Tecno phone stock ROM Firmware download links. Each link also contains the step by step guides on how to flash the stock firmware on the Tecno smartphone and for those that Ineed it most, a full video tutorial is also included.

    To start with, here is MTK USB VCOM drivers download link - required for flashing stock ROM using MTK Tools.

    List of All Tecno Stock ROM Firmware Also Know As Flash Files

    Tecno 8H Stock ROM
    Tecno 7H Flash File
    Tecno 7C Pro Flash Files
    Tecno 7CS Flash Files
    Tecno 7C Stock ROM

    Tecno AB7 Phantom 9 Firmware
    Tecno AX8S Firmware Files
    Tecno A9 Stock ROM
    Tecno A7s Flash File
    Tecno A7 Firmware File
    Tecno A6s Flash File
    Tecno A6 Stock ROM
    Tecno B3 Stock ROM
    Tecno B2 [Pop2 Pro] Stock Firmware
    Tecno B6s Stock Firmware Files
    Tecno B1 [Pop 2] Firmware Files
    Tecno B1F [Pop2 F] Firmware Files
    Tecno B1p [Pop2 Power] Firmware Files
    Tecno BC2 [Pop 4] Stock ROM
    Tecno BB4K [Spark-4 Lite] Stock Firmware Files
    Tecno BB2 [Pop 3] Stock Firmware Files
    Tecno BA2 [Pop2 Plus] Stock Firmware Files
    Tecno CM CA6 Stock ROM
    Tecno Camon CM [CA6s] Stock Firmware Files
    Tecno CF8 [Camon 11 Pro] Firmware Files
    Tecno CF7 & CF7K [Camon 11] Stock ROM
    Tecno CD8 [Camon 15 Pro] Stock Firmware
    Tecno CD7 [Camon 15] Stock Firmware Files
    Tecno CD6 [Camon 15 Air] Stock Firmware Files
    Tecno CX Air Flash File
    Tecno CC9 [Camon 12 Pro] Stock Firmware Files
    Tecno CC7 [Camon 12] Stock Firmware Files
    Tecno CC6 [Camon 12 Air] Stock Firmware Files
    Tecno Camon CXS Flash File
    Tecno CA7 [Camon X] Stock Firmware Files
    Tecno CB7 [Camon i4] Stock Firmware Files
    Tecno CA8 [Camon X Pro] Stock Firmware Files
    Tecno Camon CX Firmware File
    Tecno C9 Pro Flash File
    Tecno C9 Plus Firmware File

    Tecno C9 Firmware File
    Tecno C8 Flash File
    Tecno C7 Stock Firmware
    Tecno C5 Flash File
    Tecno DP8D Stock ROM
    Tecno D9 Flash Files
    Tecno D7 Flash File
    Tecno D5 Firmware File
    Tecno D3 Stock ROM
    Tecno D1e Flash Files
    Tecno D1 Firmware File
    Tecno F1 Firmware Files
    Tecno F1 Pro Stock Firmware
    Tecno F2 Stock Firmware Files
    Tecno F2 LTE Stock Firmware Files
    Tecno F3 Stock Firmware Files
    Tecno F3 Pro Stock Firmware Files
    Tecno F8 Stock ROM
    Tecno F7 Flash Files
    Tecno F7CS Firmware Files
    Tecno F6 Flash Files
    Tecno F5 Stock ROM
    Tecno G9 Stock ROM
    Tecno H7 Plus Stock Firmware
    Tecno H7s Flash File
    Tecno H7 Flash Files
    Tecno H6 Stock ROM
    Tecno H5 Firmware Files
    Tecno H3 Stock ROM
    Tecno i7 Flash File
    Tecno i5 Pro Stock ROM
    Tecno i3 Pro Firmware File
    Tecno i3 Stock ROM
    Tecno iSky IN2 Flash File
    Tecno J7 Flash Files
    Tecno J8 Stock ROM
    Tecno J5 Firmware File
    Tecno K9 Stock ROM
    Tecno K7 Firmware
    Tecno K8 Stock Firmware
    Tecno L8 Lite Firmware Files
    Tecno L7 Stock ROM
    Tecno L6 Flash Files
    Tecno L5 Firmware File
    Tecno L3 Stock ROM
    Tecno L9 Plus Flash Files
    Tecno L9 Stock ROM
    Tecno L8 Plus Flash Files
    Tecno L8 Flash Files
    Tecno M9 Stock ROM
    Tecno M7 Flash Files
    Tecno M6s Stock ROM
    Tecno M6 Firmware File
    Tecno M5 Stock Firmware
    Tecno M3 Flash File
    Tecno M3s Stock ROM
    Tecno N9s Flash File
    Tecno N9 Stock ROM
    Tecno N8s Flash Files
    Tecno N8 Stock Firmware File
    Tecno N7 Stock ROM
    Tecno N6 Flash File
    Tecno N5s Flash File
    Tecno N3 Stock ROM
    Tecno N2s Firmware File
    Tecno N2 Flash Files
    Tecno PhantomPad 7E Stock ROM Firmware
    Tecno P9 Flash Files
    Tecno P6 Stock ROM
    Tecno P5s Stock ROM
    Tecno P5 Plus Firmware Files
    Tecno P5 Stock ROM
    Tecno P3 Stock Firmware
    Tecno Phantom 5s Flash Files
    Tecno Phantom 5 Stock ROM
    Tecno Q1 Flash Files
    Tecno R7 Stock Firmware
    Tecno R5 Firmware
    Tecno S9 Flash Files
    Tecno S9s Firmware Files
    Tecno S7 Stock ROM
    Tecno S5 Firmware File
    Tecno S3 Flash Files
    Tecno T1 Firmware
    Tecno V7 Stock ROM
    Tecno WX4 Flash Files
    Tecno WX3P Flash Files
    Tecno WX3 Stock ROM
    Tecno W5 Lite Flash Files
    Tecno W5 Firmware
    Tecno W4 Firmware Files
    Tecno W3 LTE Flash Files
    Tecno W3 Stock ROM
    Tecno W2 Stock Firmware
    Tecno W1 Stock ROM
    Tecno Y3S Plus
    Tecno Y3S Stock ROM
    Tecno Y5s Firmware
    Tecno Y3 Stock Firmware
    Tecno Y3 Plus Firmware File
    Tecno Y2 Flash Files
    Tecno Y5 Stock ROM
    Tecno Y4 Firmware Files
    Tecno Y6 Stock ROM

    Looking for a Tecno phone stock ROM not in the list? Just ask by adding your reply below and it shall be added in a short while.

    Also, if you have any question regarding how to flash or troubleshoot any MTK device, you may also post it below.

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  2. Astr4y4L

    Astr4y4L LgPWN'd~ on XDA or TG ~ Lead Developer CEO A-Team
    Recognized Developer

    I'm trying to build an oreo LOS device tree for a device with no support.
    I have built a working TWRP for it but I'm trying to find a mt6580 device tree that I can use and vendor blobs
    to compile a full rom..
    any ideas?
  3. ArykTECH

    ArykTECH Lurker
    Thread Starter

    May I know what your device model is?
  4. ArykTECH

    ArykTECH Lurker
    Thread Starter

    May I know what your device model is?
  5. Astr4y4L

    Astr4y4L LgPWN'd~ on XDA or TG ~ Lead Developer CEO A-Team
    Recognized Developer

    Its Maze Speed ssb504r
  6. please for tecno pouvoir LA6 firmware
  7. Help with firmware for Tecno Spark KA7
  8. Accidentally hard bricked mt ssb504r with sp flash tools any ideas need preloader file
  9. Need factory firm ware
  10. Onicos

    Onicos Lurker

    Techno droid Pad10 P904 is not included.
  11. ArykTECH

    ArykTECH Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks. Will be included in the next few days.
  12. Ferhern

    Ferhern Lurker

    I need tecno T901
  13. Mwami

    Mwami Lurker

    Can you
    Can you provide stock ROM for tecno spark 4 kc8?
  14. Mwami

    Mwami Lurker

    Could you include spark 4 KC8 in your firmware list?
  15. paul dadix

    paul dadix Lurker

    Help, i need Tecno Pouvoir 3 Plus LB8 Stock Factory Firmware.
  16. EBOKO

    EBOKO Lurker

    kindly add Flash file for Tecno camon11 MT6570 id: MRA58K test-keys
  17. EBOKO

    EBOKO Lurker

    Please add Y2-H721-A2-KK-20160418 for Tecno Y2 MT6572 4.4.2
  18. abbasyahaya

    abbasyahaya Lurker

    i need rooting file fo tecno k7
  19. Ade Ola

    Ade Ola Lurker

    What of techno F1 pro

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