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Root All Things Root (Acer Liquid A1) Guide [UPDATED 8/30/10]

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by HustlinDaily, Aug 30, 2010.

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    Apr 6, 2010
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    What Is Root?
    Mostly from the CyanogenMod Wiki, Cyanogenmod Wiki Terminology :
    Obtaining root ("administrator", or "full") access to your phone. This means you can mount its internal memory partition as read/write, which lets you do various things: have Wi-Fi tethering, uninstall applications you otherwise can't uninstall (e.g. the Amazon MP3 store), install applications that need root access (such as AdFree), disable the camera shutter sound (simply by deleting the shutter sound file), overclock or underclock the CPU, install and boot Debian, and so on.

    Through root, you can also install custom kernels/custom firmwares (or ROMs), create backups of the entire system and many more. NOTE: Rooting your device does void the warranty. While there is a way to Unroot the phone to send it in for warranty repairs, if your phone does get bricked during the process, you are most likely on your own. High risk, high reward.

    How To Root The Liquid
    While is great, the rooting process they use is outdated and very risky. I highly recommend, you follow this guide:
    1) Install MalezRecovery using this guide here- howToInstall - acer-liquid-malez-recovery - Project Hosting on Google Code (credits to Malez, all Downloads are on the Google Code page above).
    2) Reboot into MalezRecovery (instructions are in the guide above)
    3) Use Recovery to install a custom ROM which roots OR Root stock ROM by going into System Root Menu-->Root Current System-->Select a Root method (differences in Root methods can be found here- Issue 8 - acer-liquid-malez-recovery - Differences in root methods explained - Project Hosting on Google Code )

    How To Install A Custom ROM Onto The Liquid


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