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My name is Allan. I am severely disabled. I use a Samsong Galaxy S mobile. My disability is that I cannot use my hands /arms at all. Can anyone please tell me if there are any commands to cancel a call without tuching the mobile? or when the mobile gets confused, to cancel that too.

I'd be happy if you could help.

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Allan Jackson

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Welcome to the AndroidForums, Allan.

I don't know if there are any voice commands or voice-control apps that might help you.

I did find this regarding voice actions: Voice Actions for Android

Unfortunately, there does seem to be some amount of on-screen interaction needed.

I'm wondering if a bluetooth device might help? (but there's obviously some need of hands for that, too...).

I also did a Google search for "android hands-free operation" and got a lot of promising hits that you might want to look through to see what might be most promising.

Also, if you haven't already found it, here's a link to your phone's home forum:

Samsung Galaxy S - Android Forums

Best of luck and glad you signed-up with us here at AF! :)