Sep 20, 2016
Note that the described tinting effect is IMO, and based on my eagle eye and 30+ years experience in the field neither caused by the color of the backlight LEDs (as one would immediately think from seeing the snapshots; I know backlight color variations ... this clearly isn’t one), nor as the colleague below presumed, the panel lamination glue.

Question to Android developers who are familiar with Display Color Profiles/CLUTs and output filters (if such exist):

Already owning an Alldocube kPad and iPlay 20s, which I'm highly satisfied with, I recently purchased 8 pcs. of Alldocube’s new iPlay 50 via AliExpress (excellent deal: each 2 pcs. for a total of USD 225 delivered). The hardware built quality is as with the previous models excellent, but the display on the iPlay 50 has a major problem:

When placing the iPlay 50 next to the excellent kPad and iPlay 20s one notices that
  1. the colors are completely off and have a greenish tint

  2. an artificial contrast enhancement/image sharpening effect is obviously applied, which adds an annoying and disturbing halo effect to detailed areas and edges where dark colors adjoins lighter color (e.g. black against medium grey).
Both effects are globally, so not limited to a specific app or screen area.

Unfortunately the effect is very difficult to capture in photos, attached below are my best efforts (the chinese comments are meant for Alldocube’s Customer Support, which isn't very supportive on this issue, although it would be in their best interest).

In my opinion it is not a hardware (LCD panel), but rather a software issue, thus should be easily fixable by their software engineers. Note that it is NOT POSSIBLE to correct these problems through Android’s Settings > Display > Contrast & Colors! The greenish tint remains, and so do the artifacts of the unwanted, unnecessary sharpening. Greenish tint also isn’t affected by Material You.

Any suggestions or ideas how to fix this? Because if I can’t fix it, I'll have to return those tablets, which would be real pity, as the tablet as such with its laminated 2.000*1.200px 10.4" IPS panel is an excellent bargain.

iPlay 50 vs kPad-1.jpeg
iPlay 50 vs kPad-2.jpeg
iPlay 50 vs kPad-3.jpeg
iPlay 50 vs kPad-4.jpeg
iPlay 50 vs kPad-5.png
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https://www.techradar.com/reviews/alldocube-iwork-gt-windows-11-business-tablet#:~:text=TechRadar Verdict,to a great value tablet.
"" laminated 2.000*1.200px 10.4" IPS panel is an excellent bargain".. .
The laminate itself could be causing the greenish cast.
Yes... but no, definitely not. The kPad and iPlay 20s have laminated IPS panels as well and Alldocube is experienced enough IMO. It’s not the impression one gets when inspecting the panel closely under the microscope.
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