Emma B

Jan 26, 2022
I have been given the task to get some android tablets (SM-T500) working in kiosk mode (soti mobicontrol). The issue is when they are in kiosk mode it blocks the USB switcher menu and the allow access to tablet data dialog box

I have managed to get the USB switcher menu working by allowing Launch://com.android.settings/.Settings$UsbDetailsActivity to launch but for the life of me I cannot workout what apk strand (not sure if thats the correct terminology) that controls the "Allow access to tablet data" security dialog box

I am new to android and usually only work with ios.... would anybody be able to point me in the right direction??
Working with Soti we have found the activity that runs this popup message is com.samsung.android.MtpApplication/.USBConnection - allowing this to the whitelist allowed it through the kiosk mode (just in case anyone falls into the same black hole i did)