Jun 7, 2010
I moved out of state for college & work, and whenever I am making the 8 hour drive home people are constantly bugging me about how far I am and when I'll be arriving. I don't really like texting or talking while I'm driving, so I'm looking for an app to help me out.

Is there an application that could post my current location on google maps whenever I have the app running?

Bonus points if it could be integrated into a navigation app somehow to show my trip route and basic information (e.g. how long i've been driving and estimated time of arrival).

You guys know of anything like this? Basically I want to be able to send a url to my friends or family to monitor my location.
Agree with last poster, Latitude is the easiest. However, if you use a CDMA phone, then it won't update if your on a voice call. And, I believe all of the Latitude friends need to use a google account to be verified as latitude friends.
Glympse is really cool too and the other people don't need to have an account or a smartphone.... just internet access. It can also be posted to facebook.

It will give real time locations of where you are and speed. Plus if you enter your destination.... it will give them an approximate time of arrival.