Help Allshare connection issues


Bought a Samsung Galaxy S in July.

Used Allshare to connect to my PC (W7 64). Played from and to PC. Watched WMV recorded shows on phone while in bed. Took movies with me and played them through friends BluRay players. Worked great.

Phone was stolen. Replaced it.

Now Allshare will not connect to PC nor will PC find the phone except when USB cable is used.

I have tried various options found in this forum and others with no success.

Any advice or suggestions


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I haven't changed the settings on my router or PC.

The phone's wifi connects to the router and on to the internet, but the PC doesn't see the phone connected to the router.

Twice I tried shutting off the firewall to see if that was an issue. No luck.

Allshare's settings are rather simple.