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AllShare on Galaxy Tab 3, 7.0 ... NADA!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by GMANCRX, Dec 3, 2013.


    GMANCRX Lurker
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    I acquired a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, 7.0 (Sprint) because my Galaxy Appeal (cellphone) had a really cool App called AllShare. However, the Appeal was terrible at streaming video to my DVD player which also has the AllShare capability (Samsung BD-E5400). The video would stutter and pause for 1 minute just to buffer. I assumed the Galaxy Tab 3, 7.0 would work much better! First thing I did was go to Google play to get AllShare, and it says that App is NOT compatible with my TAB?! :mad: Whaaaa?! :thinking:
    Anyone know of an alternative to AllShare for my Tab and DVD player??

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  2. ShanDroyd

    ShanDroyd Well-Known Member

    Yeah, sadly the tab 3 - 7" lacks allot of the features that are in the S3, S4, Tab 10, note, etc.

    No "Mirror mode" either. WTF???

    I could not get the tab 3 to work with an MHL-HDMI adapter, or the Official Samsung All Share Hub.
    When I returned them to Best Buy, they made me talk to their Samsung kiosk Sales Rep first, because they assumed I did not know how to use it, and after some research, the Samsung Rep said, " oh, yeah... I guess the Tab 3 does not support that feature"
    30 min. later they finally gave me a refund.

    I like the tab, and it was a great price ( $49.99 @ Srpint ) But I would never pay retail price.

    I originally bought the Note 8.0, then took it back when I saw how cheap the LTE Tab 3 was, and I have regretted it every day. I've had it a month now and have only used 25mb of my 2gig LTE plan. ( and honestly, I believe that was from the sales rep at Sprint setting up the tablet for me )

    Live and learn?

    GMANCRX Lurker
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