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Ally Battery Life

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by gt10, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. gt10

    gt10 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    So I tried putting the phone on airplane mode overnight to preserve the battery but it still shrunk at least 40% overnight. I had wifi, gps, brightness, all of those were off. I tried the idea where you turn the phone on airplane mode than shut the phone off, turn the phone on and shut off airplane mode but that doesn't seem to be helping. Obviously I didn't touch the phone overnight, so what is draining the battery? The battery use page said 54% phone idle and 46% cell standby. I'm just getting tired of having this thing in the charger so much. I rarely even used any apps or the browser yesterday. Why is it draining!?

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  2. gt10

    gt10 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Also, my cell reception is pretty good, almost excellent.
  3. gt10

    gt10 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Not sure I want to use the advanced task killer either.
  4. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum

    Good man, you don't want to go there.

    Am I correct to assume that this is a relatively new phone? This is pretty common with new phones. It is my belief (and nobody's been able to disprove my theory) is that Android needs to be taught what your battery capacity is before it begins charging and reporting it correctly. Give this a whirl ...

    Do not charge your phone. Let the battery drain until the phone turns itself off. Wait an hour to let the battery reach a temperature equilibrium. With the phone still off, charge it using the AC/DC adapter, not a USB cable. Let it charge until full. Disconnect it from the charger when it reads full and let it rest for an hour (especially if it's warm). Then plug it in for at least another hour, even if the charged light/display says full. Now turn on your phone and see if that doesn't significantly improve the reported battery life.

    BTW, if you want to see what's been using your battery, go to settings>About phone>Battery use. If you want to monitor which apps are using the most CPU cycles, you can go to the market and get Watchdog Task Manager Lite - Android app on AppBrain
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  5. jinwons

    jinwons Android Expert

    How is your setting on the auto-sync? If it's on, you may turn it off. Also if you have any weather, news, youtube updating widgets that can drain battery too. I noticed significant battery gain after turning them off. You may try battery saving app like Juice Defender too.

    If none of those help your battery life, I think it must be a defective battery.
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  6. Math-Uhhh-Saurus

    Math-Uhhh-Saurus Well-Known Member

    You can also go to Settings>Applications>Running Services to see what may be running in the background and close out of it. Sometimes apps even though it appears you closed out of it, continue to run (for example: TuneIn Radio. I hit pause and then back out of the app and the icon disappears from the notification bar, but when I go to Running Services, it still is running so I just "touch to stop") Some apps, you may not want to close out of like GTalkService. I haven't tried it, but I know that if you remove the app, it messes up with the Market.

    Oh...and the airplane mode thing is for fixing the 50% bug or when "Time without signal" (under Settings>About phone>Battery use>Cell standby) is 50% or over. This basically means that your phone (whether you have great reception or not) is searching for signal 50% or more of the time which kills your battery. Putting the phone into airplane mode, rebooting, and taking it off is supposed to "fix" it temporarily.
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  7. gt10

    gt10 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    lunatic, yes I've had it for about two weeks. I will try your method to see if that does anything.

    jinwons, i did have auto sync off and i don't have the youtube app running. However, i do have weather.

    math, i did stop some of those running apps before but kept ones i didnt think should be stopped.
  8. Johnny Langton

    Johnny Langton Well-Known Member

    The only problem with this is that the Ally powers on as soon as you plug it into a charger. As long as it's plugged into a power source/charger, it will NOT stay powered off, no matter what you do.
  9. jinwons

    jinwons Android Expert

    That's good point. Ally powers up as soon as it's plugged to charger even if it was turned off. I don't know why LG designed it this way, but I don't have much problem with this.

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