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almost complete loss of 3G and cell signal...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by inferno1, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. inferno1

    inferno1 Member
    Thread Starter

    any one else experienced a major drop in 3G signal as well as their cell signal in the past few days?
    I think it started monday on my phone and now its mostly running in 1X mode and dropping more calls than I have in the past two years....

    not sure if its something with verizon, or maybe and app I updated...
    Thanx for any help
    (btw, my wifes phone is doing the same, but she also happened to update about a dozen apps on monday)

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  2. dscribe

    dscribe Android Expert

    Sometimes dialing *228 and using option 2 can help in situations like this. You might give it a try. I've had some strange things happen of a day or so recently also and I'm convinced it was related to my tower in someway.
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  3. inferno1

    inferno1 Member
    Thread Starter

    yeah, tried that.... didnt seem to help at all...
    thanx though
  4. inferno1

    inferno1 Member
    Thread Starter

    so I just loaded AppBrain and realized it shows the date of the last update for each App, so would my best bet be to uninstall any Apps that were updated/installed around the same time as my issues started and see if that fixes the problem?
  5. ATP

    ATP Lurker

    I'm having the same issue, (thats why I'm here) I called verizon yesterday and they said no issues in my area with service. Had me do the *228 thing, no improvement. I'm heading out of town today so I'll see if it works in Denver. I'm betting its my phone but I can't figure what I could have done to get rid of 3g. I don't get it at all now.
  6. inferno1

    inferno1 Member
    Thread Starter

    Verizon told me its because when i went to Aruba, they had to switch me over to a verizon cell plan, then when i got back they switched me back to my alltel plan, but now my phone isnt connecting to all the towers (maybe only the old alltel ones or just the new verizon ones). They said they are pushing an update to my phone today to make sure its working off both the verizon towers and the old alltel towers....
    we will see.....

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