Alternate phone pad app for making calls on the HTC One S ?

I have just got the HTC One S, and think it is a very good phone, however I do not like the dial pad for making phone calls as it displays a list of contacts etc above it, can I download another app for a dial pad and if so which please ?

Lordvincent 90

Perhaps you could try Go Dialer. it's fairly customizable and may do what you ask. (been forever since i used it.since i hand themed the stock one to my liking.)

Is there a specific reason that the contact list bothers you? Is it the size of the buttons, or just a matter of preference? (or something different all together)

Here are a few options to check out. I just searched "big dialer" in the play store :)


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Thanks for your reply, I think it spoils the look on the screen and don't like the idea contacts are displayed for you if you don't want or need them there at that moment, I feel to go to contacts and click a button from there to dial the number would be much better with out having the numbers displayed on the main dial pad screen