alternative app for "beat the traffic"


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I have been using "beat the traffic" app for traffic information. I like the idea of one click of the app bringing traffic information around me. But recently I found its data is incorrect and the app seems to be unstable sometimes (e.g., continuous/non-stop updates).

Can someone recommend another app similar to "Beat the Traffic" but is more stable and provides more accurate data?



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I bought a new car, and was so spoiled by the traffic info car navigation received from the SiriusXM radio traffic service, that I just got my own subscription when the free trial ran out!

My memory is that there is a traffic layer in Google Maps/Navigation that you can turn on. It didnt inform of specific incidents when i used it, but will show traffic flow along major streets as green, yellow, or red. Been a couple of years since I did it, so I might be mistaken or it may now do more than I remember.


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move this to the android app forum

i know here in la many local news stations recommend Waze Social GPS Maps & Traffic

i never used it before, but i hear great things about it.

Waze its my choice too. Although, as a warning, the way Waze world is if people turn it on while driving, regardless if you need directions or not (from what I can tell - I could be wrong)

So, Waze will collect data from you, some automatic data, such as driving speed and gps location, and direction. And some manual, such as traffic reports, car accidents, police presence, and even traffic cameras.
Waze will then compile the data and"share" with all the online users.

One of the big helps Waze gave me was it allows messaging. For example, there was extremely slow traffic for about 10 miles. Because if slow traffic I was able to view the Waze messages and get informed not only was there a car accident, but a truck had flipped. 30 min later, the messages updated that the truck was cleared and it would only be tune until traffic slowly cleared again.
Of course I don't suggest it is ok to drive and enter info to the app, but Waze is a useful app.


I like waze but started using ng Google maps but now they confused me with the navigation thing uh... I have to kook at a rush driving and had to use paper that was given to me ugh