Oct 17, 2013
Anybody knows any alternatives to the google play store app? On the Galaxy S2 the google play store app will not load despite clearing cache & resetting all app preferences, just the "loading wheel" spinning perpetually.
The Amazon App Store is probably the biggest alternative market - and they feature a paid app for free each day.

But I don't understand why the Play Store wouldn't be working on your S2. Is the device factory, or are you running a third-party ROM?
doesn't it just link to the Play Store to install?

Apparently, yes:

"Will AppBrain distribute applications? No, all applications will come from the standard Android market. This means that the synching process on the phone consists of a number of successive redirects to the market application. However, as all selection has been done behind the desktop already, each installation is just a single tap on the "Install" button in the market. Similarly, each deinstall will be a single tap on the Remove button."