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Alternatives to Mobile Hotspot?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by budmonster, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. budmonster

    budmonster Guest
    Thread Starter

    Are there any free alternatives for the Mobile Hotspot on the Rezound? I want to use my 4G connection via my laptop, etc.

    Does the Mobile Hotspot app that came on the Rezound work? I have unlimited data, do I still have to pay to use it?

    If so are there any "free" alternatives out there?

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  2. pat3332

    pat3332 Well-Known Member

    Hi budmonster,

    I'm not sure what you're asking, but I'll give it a try. If you have unlimited data, I'm assuming you're paying for it monthly. For example, I have unlimited data, but it costs me $30.00 a month and when you are tethered to your laptop and using the hotspot, it doesn't cost you any extra. If you use a LOT of data each month, Verizon may throttle, or slow down your connection. The Verizon hotspot on the Rezound works fine. I'm using it right now and am tethered to my laptop while answering your question.

    As far as any free alternatives, I believe there are some options out there, but I've never tried any of them since I'm fine with paying the $30.00 a month for unlimited data.
  3. budmonster

    budmonster Guest
    Thread Starter

    Yes i have the unlimited data plan that is no longer available. But i thought that it cost extra to tether? Isnt mobile hotspot just a tether app? Uses your 4g so you can connect other devices to it. All I want to do is hook my laptop up to my phones 4g connection. How do i do that.
  4. andr01d

    andr01d Android Enthusiast

    Go to Settings - Wireless & networks. Halfway down the page there is Mobile Hotspot. If you can enable it you're all set. Else look inside the verizonwireless.com account to see what it will cost....
    have fun...
  5. pat3332

    pat3332 Well-Known Member

    No, it doesn't cost anything extra beyond what you're paying for the unlimited data plan. As far as hooking it up, go to settings/Wireless & Networks/Mobile Hotspot Settings and that will take you to your settings. Your SSID will already be listed. You will have your choice of security settings. Pick a password and put that in the Password area to replace the default password. Then you just need to go to your computer's wireless settings and set up a new connection using the information in your hotspot settings. After that, when you turn on your hotspot and your computer, your computer should either automatically connect, or give you a choice of available connections, depending on how you set it up. After that, your connection will depend on how strong of a 4G area you're in.

    Also, you can go to the Verizon website and get the hotspot instructions and download the users manual.

    HTC Rezound Support

    Hope that helps

    Edit: Just to make sure you know, you can turn on your hotspot from the settings menu, from the pulldown status bar info under Quick Settings, and there is also a hotspot widget you can put on a home screen.
  6. 03063

    03063 Newbie

    I basically had the same question as the OP and was surprised to see in this thread that mobile hotspot would be free. When I go to activate mobile hotspot as an unlimited data user it prompts me to call Verizon to subscribe. I think andro1d has the correct answer here.
  7. NightAngel79

    NightAngel79 Bounty Hunter

    Last I checked there was a couple different plans...... think the cheapest is 30 bucks a month
    This is unfortunately completely wrong...
    Check here: http://androidforums.com/verizon/455585-verizons-official-tethering-policy.html

    Mobile hotspot is not free to use, it requires an additional tethering data plan on top of the unlimited data plan.

    Just a friendly reminder: Any discussion of ways to violate your TOS (terms of service: http://androidforums.com/verizon/455585-verizons-official-tethering-policy.html) is against the Site Rules.

    Thanks for understanding
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  8. pat3332

    pat3332 Well-Known Member

    NightAngel79. I have no idea what you're talking about. Do you even use the hotspot to tether your phone to a laptop?

    This is what I am charged monthly.

    Monthly Access Charges

    Line Access 12/10 - 01/09 ​
    $9.99 ​

    Email & Web Unlimited 12/10 - 01/09 ​
    $29.99 ​

    22% Feature Dscnt - Account 12/10 - 01/09 ​
    -$6.60 ​

    TEC Asurion Single Tier - Asurion 12/10 - 01/09 ​
    $6.99 ​

    4G SMARTPHONE Hotspot 12/10 - 01/09 ​
    $30.00 ​

    As you can see, I pay $30.00 a month for the4G Hotspot which is for unlimited data. I pay nothing extra to tether my laptop to my Rezound using the hotspot and I can look at my data usage at any time on the Verizon site. Before the Rezound, I tethered to the hotspot on my Thunderbolt for 9 months. If you do not pay for the unlimited hotspot, then you have to pay different amounts for different amounts of data to tether.
    If you think this information is wrong, I suggest you check with Verizon and get the correct information.

  9. weihl165

    weihl165 Android Enthusiast

    Your 4g hotspot is your tether. The unlimited web and email is is what you would have if you got rid of the 4g hotspot (tether). So yes the tether cost you an extra 30 per month.
  10. pat3332

    pat3332 Well-Known Member

    That's exactly what I said from the start. The OP originally asked about the using the hotspot to tether and stated that he has unlimited data. Since the question was about the hotspot, I assumed he was talking about having the unlimited hotspot data plan. I probably should have asked if he was referring to the hotspot data plan, or the web & email data plan. In one of my posts I see that I referred to the unlimited data plan and I probably should have said unlimited hotspot data plan to be more clear. Sorry for the confusion.

    At this point, I'm still not sure which unlimited data plan he was referring to, so maybe he can clarify the point for us.
  11. Wolfedude88

    Wolfedude88 Android Expert

    I believe he was talking about just his unlimited data on his phone, but I understand what you are talking about now as well. Just a little confusion, no harm done. Thanks for taking time to help out.
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