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Aluratek 8" Cinepad AT108F Root?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by TheWineLover, Dec 28, 2012.

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    Hey y'all... so I, like others, got yanked around by an online Chinese store "Hootablet.com" (which has FINALLY been taken down) due to all the scam complaints. Fortunately, I got a full refund after putting in a lot of work and effort into showing PayPal these "people" were MAJOR scammers!

    After that battle, I decided to stay within the good ole US of A. I purchased a FABULOUS tablet from J&R and got it TODAY via UPS. It's an Aluratek CINEPAD AT108F. The specs are BETTER then that of the Nexus 7. However, I can't seem to find a way to root this beauty. I've contacted Aluratek (they're in CALIFORNIA!!!!) to find out the actual chipset of it as the processor is an Amlogic A9 Cortex but the low level tech didn't know so he had to engage a Product Manager who, due to the holidays, wasn't in the office.

    So, I'm asking any of you fine people if you know 1) if they're a root to this bad girl and/or 2) if you at least know the chipset of it? While I understand it's an Amlogic A9, I also know that the Rockchip uses the A9 architecture so I'm confused on which thread to research. I don't need a custom rom but having root is absolutely a must.

    Like I said, I just got "her" today so I would <3 to root her as quickly as possible! My geekness is getting totally antsy! :)

    PS - YES! It does come STANDARD with the Google Play Store! ;)

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