Always-on mobile data


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Has anyone else played with turning the "always-on mobile data" setting off (found under settings - wireless & networks - mobile networks)? I was reading something somewhere else yesterday and decided to give it a go.

Playing with it yesterday night, I had my phone sitting untouched for at least an hour or hour and a half (I didn't touch it just to make sure it had plenty of time to go to "sleep") by me and when I got a gmail message on my pc, my phone actually buzzed just as the desktop notification (using Chrome :)) came up. The same thing basically happened with texts on Google Voice too. As far as I can tell, it looks like the phone is still reacting correctly to those two push services.

So now today, I've left 4G on all day so far (I unplugged the phone when I woke up 8 hours ago), wifi antenna on since I was lazy and didn't feel like turning it off (I don't have wifi connectivity at work and it only hops onto a network when I get home), more or less normal usage for me and instead of being at around 40-50%, my phone is sitting here with the battery at 70%.

Doing a little digging, there was this on the Incredible forum which gives a good layout of what someone else tried and the results they came up with.

So... yeah, I'm not really sure where I'm going with this but doing this to save the battery is definitely working for me.