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Am i a heavy user?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mercurystar999, Aug 17, 2010.

  1. mercurystar999

    Thread Starter

    Have used 120MB of data in the last two days. Luckily i get 2GB a month but the 3G watchdog app that i have states that i will go over by 310MB if i carry on with this usage.

    Now i'm pissed off with the battery only lasting 10hrs tops but do you think that i over use the phone?

    How do people cope with 500MB caps that Orange, O2 and Vodaphone cap at?

  2. anoniemouse

    anoniemouse Android Expert

    Get no problem with my 500mb cap from orange as mine is always connected to wifi indoors.
    rarely even use 100mb in a month.
  3. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery

    What does 3G watchdog say that you're using data the most? It seems like you're watching youtube and streaming music to use up that much data a day.
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  4. Eris Ed

    Eris Ed Android Expert

    Using wi-fi at home evenings and weekends helps A LOT. My Orange talk plan is unlimited with a 750mb fair use policy, and 3G Watchdog estimates I'll use about 600mb this month.

    I don't really hold back with my data use - I have Sky News, BBC News, 7 email accounts, Twitter, facebook and WeatherBug all updating every hour, plus I follow a few links in Tweets to get to articles on the net. Mobile data is always enabled, and wi-fi takes priority when I'm close to my home router. I'm sure I could get my data usage down to around 250-300mb if I increased the update intervals, and switched to 2G-only for a couple of hours per day.
  5. mercurystar999

    Thread Starter

    Can't seem to find that out via the 3g app? Never watch anything on youtube nor stream music. I use the Dolphin HD browser, Twidroyd, and email.
  6. Phenomenological

    Phenomenological Android Expert

    I don't even get close to 500MB a month with an hour or so of browsing a day and a few news feeds.
  7. Jammy

    Jammy Android Expert

    Do you have your Twitter and email set to check at extremely frequent intervals? Try setting them to check as little as possible.

    Also use WiFi whenever you can.

    Disconnect from the mobile network at night/when you don't need it(hold power button and select the bottom option). You could, alternatively, set up a widget for this, add the mobile network widget under "Settings".
  8. lekky

    lekky Lover

    120MB of data in the last two days? I'm a heavy user, and my average is a about 40-60mb a day.

    Do you download anything? like apps? Do you use a news widget, or rss feed/app?

    How often do you browse a day?
  9. mercurystar999

    Thread Starter

    I turn my phone off at night. How do i check for gmail to see how often it updates? Turnes twidroyd right off to see how much data i save.
  10. mercurystar999

    Thread Starter

    I do browse the web a lot. Perhaps 3-4 hours in total a day. Have just checked and the twitter app twidroyd was checking every 5 mins, ive now changed that!
  11. mercurystar999

    Thread Starter

    While on the subject of a news feed does anyone know of an app that will be like newsnow? I am always checking that site for info on the team i support. Something that checks for me and notifies me. Would love an app like that.
  12. chris 290

    chris 290 Android Enthusiast

    Suggest using opera mini for internet when using 3g as this only uses a tenth of the data of other browsers. I use stock browser or dolphin hd when using wifi and opera when surfing on mobile network. Update news manually, weather hourly as well as email and only use about 10mb a day on mobile data usage. So yes you seem to be using alot of data to me.
  13. Jooky85

    Jooky85 Newbie

    Me too actually. Was trying to find a newsnow rss feed for an individual team, but not sussed it yet.
  14. mercurystar999

    Thread Starter

    I like the tabbed browsing on Dolphin though.
  15. lekky

    lekky Lover

    get newsrob and subscribe to the news feed.

    opera is terrible do not use it.

    has this 60mb a day always been happening?
  16. jim_h

    jim_h Android Enthusiast

    For RSS I'm just using the "News" app that was pre-installed on my Desire. It seems to work well and I'm not fussed about bells and whistles you get with the commercial apps on the market, free or not. The price is great too :D

    Like most others here, I ust wifi whenever I can. Classing myself a moderate user of my phone for data before reading this thread, I'd say I'm a light user now. I very rarely use more than 30Mb in a day.

    My email, twitter and other accounts only update every 2-4hrs and I turn off auto updates regularly to conserve battery life.
  17. JsT

    JsT Well-Known Member

    I managed to use 120mb in the first two days too, mainly just playing about and downloading apps etc. Mine has gone down considerably since then and with using WiFi during the evening.
  18. mercurystar999

    Thread Starter

    Regarding wifi i have it turned on and entered my wep passcode but it always seems to be obtaining adress when i go into the wifi settings??

    Downloaded the newsrob app but how do i add things to it?

    Used another 60MB today. How do i find out what id using the data?
  19. Eris Ed

    Eris Ed Android Expert

    Do you need to set your wi-fi router to accept communication from your phone? I had the same problem and I found out that I needed to press a button on my router to make it discoverable for 10 mins. That allowed me to connect with my phone, enter the key, and it 'paired' instantly. This only needs to be done once...after it's set up your phone will remember the router and connect whenever you want automatically.
  20. mercurystar999

    Thread Starter

    It has found the router and i've entered the pass key. Just doesn't seem to want to connect
  21. nx1977

    nx1977 Android Expert

    What router?
  22. Eris Ed

    Eris Ed Android Expert

    The router at home/work that he wants to connect to using wi-fi ;)

    Yes, my Desire found my router and asked for the key the first time I tried to connect, but it didn't complete the connection. I had to press a button on the router and it worked.
  23. mercurystar999

    Thread Starter

    I've had my previous phone an E71 connect fine. Don't think there is a button on my router. Its a Linksys one.
  24. nx1977

    nx1977 Android Expert

    Ah, a comedian.

    Do you have mac filtering enabled? This would give the symptoms you mention.
  25. mercurystar999

    Thread Starter

    Regarding mac filtering, how do i find this out?

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