Am I Being Thick ?

I have a Desire 2.2.

As it is a phone I use for business I like to switch it off on an evening.


Many times I will forget if I have switched it off or not before going to beb, and this is where the problem lies.

I will pick up the phone and can not find a way of telling if it is off or on without pressing the on/off button which then either shows lock screen or turns phone on anayway.

Is there a way of telling if phone is on (Maybe by an app) without using the power button.

I've annoyingly switched my Desire back on when I thought it was off too.

I use an app called widget locker, you can set the phone to wake when pressing specific keys. Other similar apps do exist, like lock bot, both can be found on the market.


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You're not being thick at all. Really, they should have designed the phone so it requires a long press to turn it on. I've accidentally turned mine on more than once.