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Support Am I missing something really obvious here?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Fabapocalypse, Oct 2, 2011.

  1. Fabapocalypse

    Fabapocalypse Member
    Thread Starter

    May 18, 2011
    Further to the "Multimedia Messages thread here


    I have become aware of something... my phone always "prefers" to use WiFi so if there is a network available it will use WiFi rather than 3G unless I physically switch off WiFi to allow it to use 3G. Which is logical, since why would you want to use chargeable data if you have a WiFi network available?

    It cannot, however, send or receive MMS messages unless packet data - 3G - is enabled. Which means: if somebody sends me a picture message or some other form of MMS whilst I am connected to WiFi, I will receive only a notification that there is a message "downloading" which never actually downloads, so I am unable to see it (ever - I have to ask the sender to resend); and I am unable to send any form of MMS - it will just sit there saying "sending" without ever delivering - unless I have remembered to switch WiFi off and packet data on.

    If I tell the phone to "enable packet data" (3G) but leave WiFi switched on the phone will itself turn off the 3G connection in favour of WiFi. So it would seem that you cannot have (not sure what the correct terminology is here so please bear with me) 3G running on "standby" in case MMS's arrive? If I am at home or go somewhere where the phone knows the WiFi network and WiFi is switched on, it will automatically connect me to it unless I tell it otherwise and off goes the 3G.

    So, if somebody wants to send me a MMS I have to ask them to tell me first, so I can switch my 3G on? Or else I leave packet data enabled and end up using chargeable data, lots of battery and getting a warm phone for any automatic updates, emails or whatever when I could be using my free WiFi...

    In the "Access Point Names" menu I have "Orange UK Internet" and "Orange UK MMS" to select from, settings-wise, but only the "Internet" item shows a green "light" against it. There doesn't seem to be a way of changing this?

    The phone is upgraded to 2.2.

    So am I missing something obvious here and being a bit dim, or is there an issue with the phone? Sorry for long post!


  2. Tigsteroonie

    Tigsteroonie Member

    Mar 17, 2011
    If you're missing something, then so am I :D I'm on O2 payg, so the problem isn't provider-related.

    To send or receive any MMS, I have to have data packets enabled. But this is not my usual setting, because I don't want FB, Mail etc to update during the day at my expense.

    I've come to the conclusion that I have to switch data packets on before sending an MMS (and off again afterwards). With regards to receiving, I have switched off "auto receive" within the MMS options; if anybody sends me an MMS I get a "download" button instead. I can choose to switch on data packets, download that MMS, and switch off again quickly.

  3. cadil

    cadil New Member

    Jun 2, 2012
    By being forced to turn packet data on to receive an MMS we are paying for that picture or video twice. Once with the fee to send and receive texts, and a second time for the data plan.

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