Root Am I rooted?

My sprint evo is running on page plus and was done so by a store in a different state than I am in. My SD card was removed out of the phone recently and erased from another device. During that time, which I did not know the card held my phones root info, a much smaller sd card was placed into my phone. Its only been a day but the phone seems to make calls and txt, but idk about mms or data yet. Also the phone is running much slower and is unable to sync to my pc...... i downloaded a root check and it said my phone has not been rooted.....1) doesnt my phone have to be rooted in order to flash to pageplus?
2) If rooted is the existing files using rom or the stock software?
3) Can my phone funtction correctly without that sd card and if not how where should I start to get the missing files? Please let me know what I need to do, Thanks..


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Although I know little about the flashing of the Evo to different carriers, you can find out the current state of your phone from what is listed in the bootloader screen.
Pull out the battery, wait about a minute, and put the battery back in.
Now, while holding the volume down button, push and hold the power button until a screen comes up. That is your bootloader screen. Just post back here what it says:)
To get out of that screen to reboot, highlight the fastboot option, then another option to reboot will appear. You can select that to reboot.

Technically, the phone can run without the sd card....nothing on the sd card is needed for the operation of the OS for the phone.

Hope this helps:)