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Am I the only one having ALL these problems???

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by padraigm, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. padraigm

    padraigm Lurker
    Thread Starter

    OK so I know we are all pretty much having problems with the GPS. It's bad and frustrating. I have been waiting for a fix. But it seems that everyday I find out something else that does not work as it should. I was wondering if I have a REALLY bad phone. So here they are and I would like to hear other opinions. I am getting close to my 30 days and running out of reasons to keep this phone. It's a better "phone" than the iphone but it stops right there.

    1. The GPS-no need to comment it sucks and works only sometimes.
    2. Email. It does not check automatically at all period. Even when i do it manually I sometimes can't even open the emails to read. generally buggy slow and unreliable. K9 was not much better.
    3. Some apps just don't work right or crash etc..like I downloaded one todat the time and weather widget. Of course can't get a location so no weather but the time was wrong also.
    4. And finally today i noticed I can't send a picture with MMS. a server error. Tried over regular 3g, THE MICROCELL AT HOME AND WIFI a no go.

    It's a bit of a vent.

    It's a big gamble to be stuck with this phone for 2 years if they don't fix it..

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  2. baji

    baji Member

    The beautiful thing about the Android OS is that the need to use stock apps is non-existent. Download some aftermarket shit and your phone will run great.


    Mail Droid for mail has been solid for me.

    As for apps crashing, and such...I have not experienced that.

    Same with the MMS. I have no issue sending or receiving them. So, I don't know what to tell you there. Perhaps a reboot?

    Either way, good luck man!
  3. Tinyboss

    Tinyboss Newbie

    GPS yes, compass yes. (I know you didn't mention the compass, but I bet yours is busted too, right?) Crashing, email notifications, MMS problems, no.
  4. jas2k9

    jas2k9 Member

    I did not have MMS problems or email problems, yes on the GPS and a host of other things - I think most of the problems are NOT with the Captivate, but certainly some are.

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