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Am I the only one?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by myersn024, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. myersn024

    myersn024 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I've decided that the only way I'm going to get any sleep tonight is to get totally trashed and pass out LOL! Is anyone else doing the same thing? I had my wife call and double check our appointment for tomorrow afternoon, so all is good on that front. I guess if I have too much to drink I can call in sick to work, but I should still be able to get up in time to make it to my afternoon appointment.


  2. Painkillaz

    Painkillaz Well-Known Member

    definitely will be hitting RS up at 630 in the am so no sleep for me
  3. alnova1

    alnova1 Android Enthusiast

    Let me tell you how sick I am. I have Verizon and love it..I have a Moto Droid activated now but I had an HTC Incredible just till 2 days ago but a guy offered me an iPad for it so I couldn't refuse! I sold the iPad for $430 and now I'm considering buying the EVO at full retail and having a no contract with it. I will have both Verizon and Sprint...New phones are like crack to me...I need help! :D
  4. DarkNeo

    DarkNeo Android Enthusiast

    I'm go to sleep at my regular time, then wake up at about 7ish. Drive to BB for my 8am appointment. Get my EVO, and eat a nice breakfast.
  5. sisspc

    sisspc Newbie

    yep, it's a 2 ambien night for me tonight
  6. Painkillaz

    Painkillaz Well-Known Member

    i was originally thinking about taking some kind of drowsy cold medicine when i thought my RS was opening at 10 but i called an hour ago and found out they really are opening at 630...my plans have changed
  7. I'll have absolutely no problem sleeping before going to buy a cell phone...
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  8. evotitans

    evotitans Android Enthusiast

    +1 on getting trashed....im off tomorrow and I can stumble to my RS without even driving.
  9. sikclown

    sikclown Android Expert

    You can't get the EVO unless you have a contract. I mean you could by one from Ebay but you need a Sprint contract to use it.
  10. alnova1

    alnova1 Android Enthusiast

    If I pay full retail for the phone I can have a month to month contract.
  11. zombdroid

    zombdroid Android Enthusiast

    LOL! Alcoholics!

    I am still trying to recover from my 36 beer/3 day weekend last week.
  12. Kingkoa

    Kingkoa Well-Known Member

    I dont think so
  13. alnova1

    alnova1 Android Enthusiast

    Well unless Sprint is different than any other carrier that is why you pay full retail..not to be locked in to a contract.
  14. Aydree

    Aydree Lurker

    i thnk the only way u can have that phone on a month to month contract is if u alredy had a sprint contract and ur 2year contract ended....did u alredy have a sprint contract??
  15. alnova1

    alnova1 Android Enthusiast

    No...So your saying that if I go in and pay full retail for the phone as a new customer I cant go month to month with Sprint? I have done this with an iPhone and on Verizon.
  16. sikclown

    sikclown Android Expert

    Yeah... I know they used to do month to month but not anymore (not a hundred percent sure). As far as I know they would require a two year contract... Especially with this phone. After your two years you never have to re-up if you don't want to.
  17. Kingkoa

    Kingkoa Well-Known Member

    I asked my buddy at sprint and he said no, only month to month when contract ends
  18. taylor7667

    taylor7667 Newbie

    Drugs. I will need drugs to sleep. I have 10 hours to go.....
  19. alnova1

    alnova1 Android Enthusiast

    Ok..So your telling me that as a new customer I can't buy the phone at full retail? If I pay $450 for the full retail in a sprint store they will say no sir..you have to pay the $199 after rebate because your a new customer and sign a 2 year deal?
  20. alnova1

    alnova1 Android Enthusiast

    Ok...well I hope you like your new phone..I guess I will wait for the Droid 2! Lol..Go Android!
  21. sikclown

    sikclown Android Expert

    I just went over to the Sprint forums and found some stuff. According to the moderators over there any new line of Service requires a two year contract. Also any phone that requires the Simply Everything plans I.e. Hero, Evo can't be used on month to month anyway. They do have month to month however but only with the crap phones. Your only options when you try to purchase online are buy with a new plan or upgrade replace. Never hurts to try though. Just go into a Sprint Corporate store and ask them to do it. I mean worse case they just say no.
  22. Kingkoa

    Kingkoa Well-Known Member

    I will, sorry for the bad news
  23. alnova1

    alnova1 Android Enthusiast

    Thanks for the info. I will just stick with my Verizon and wait for a new toy to play with. Like I said earlier, I'm a phone junkie and just wanted the newest toy to play with. I hope the EVO is a good phone and I'm sure it will be but like everything else...next month there will be something better...;) Go Android!!!
  24. Kingkoa

    Kingkoa Well-Known Member

    So true

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