Amazing Battery Life!


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Holy Smokes! Check out these battery stats! This was my second day of owning the Rezound. I left Wi-Fi on the whole time, and was on 4G 80% of the 8-hour shift at my job. When I had the Galaxy Nexus, I had to leave it on 3G only, and would get about 6 hours tops. I unplugged my phone from full charge at 6:00am this morning and took this screen shot around 8:30pm. This phone is simply very well designed. HTC did their homework! I'm SOOOOO glad I decided to trade my GN for this. I feel this is the best choice I've made yet.




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Good signal and light use will do that, try web browsing for 2 hours straight on 4g and you'll be at 50%. Which isn't bad either.


I get better battery life from my Rezound than my Dinc and it was pretty good. Same usage habits except now I'm on 4g all day :) I couldn't be happier.


I'm really glad to see this thread. Battery life is the one thing holding me back from the Rezound. After owning an Incredible for 2 years and loving it - except the battery life, I decided I'd try an iPhone 4s. Like it, don't love it. I miss Android and want 4g. As long as the battery gets me to bedtime most days, I'm in.

I have 2 weeks left to exchange and i keep going back and forth thinking about it every day. "What if the battery won't last the day?". "What if I keep the iPhone until the next HTC 4g comes out in case it has better battery life. Then I can sell the iPhone for it.". I wish they'd let you upgrade and renew your contract whenever you wanted or at least every year rather than every 2. They're still locking you in when you re-up. Curse you, 4g battery life.


I think you have a weird definition of "amazing". I would consider this good battery life. I'd consider a whole day of battery life to be "amazing".


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Your signal looks very good. I get yellow with a tiny bit of green. Outside it's very good, thinking 4g doesn't penetrate as well as 3g indoors. Guess this thread pretty much sums up what has been suggested, poor signal = poor battery life. Thanks for this thread.


I'd have to agree. I received my new Rezound yesterday. Charged it to full. Exactly 24 hours later I have 10% left. That's with wifi on and using the phone for most of that time.
Excellent !!