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I know this has nothing to do with the phone, but I left my memory stick in my shirt pocket which just went in the washing machine!!! Found the stick after the wash and it still works lol. Nothing lost. Amazing!!

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lol i washed my nokia 3510i back in the day and it stopped working but the SIM card was fine lol


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I washed an old 3 phone I had a few years ago. Everything worked perfectly except.. I couldn't speak in it!! :(

I also drunkenly got into a taxi thinking I had money.. it turned out I didn't and I paid for the taxi with a Samsung phone. Had to very sheepishly buy it back the next day :p


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i left an iriver H140 mp3 player in a bowl of washing up water for 2 hours- dried it out and it worked again- i bet an ipod can't do that!


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Lol. My sister dropped her Desire in the toilet back in March but It still works! we need some toilet rhymes now :D


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Ginga, gimme a lil while on that....though I do now think her phone wont be 'desirable' anymore :D....ok that was bad to start with...but give us all time...

dammit...the inbetweeners came out with loads of Sh*t jokes over 2 episodes....and I cant even squeeze one out here...

oh wait....hmmm

lol! I was trying to work one in but I failed...... ;)

thats what SHE said ;):D


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My Motorola pager back in the 90's took a nice dunk in the swimming pool, fell off a table and took a funny bounce off the concrete right into the water, funny part is it still worked after. My Palm Pilot was unfortunate, dropped right ino a 2 inch deep puddle and never worked again until I dismantled it and dropped it into a bowl of dry rice for a week, it worked after.