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Amazon Fire TV Games List

Discussion in 'Amazon Fire TV' started by Rob, Apr 2, 2014.

  1. Rob

    Rob Galaxy S20 Ultra
    Administrator Thread Starter

    The success of Amazon Fire TV as a gaming console will depend on its games and off the bat they've announced 133:
    Amazon.com: Fire Game Controller - Fire TV Apps: Apps for Android

    I started making a concise list and then saw they keep adding more! I'm guessing devs now have access to publish their games and apps and we'll see the number continue to rise. It's at 150 right now!

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  2. reddragon72

    reddragon72 Well-Known Member

    My question is, since this is Android why is it limited? I guess it could be said that if side loading/Google Play Store becomes possible then the only reason for the "supported" apps would be because they have joystick controls.

    So with all that mumbo jumbo it is safe to say that any app with JS controls would be "supported".

    Great marketing idea though.

    Dang I'm quick :)

    I was right. The games list is expanding rapidly because they are simply testing what games are working with their joystick.

    Minecraft for instance.

    Is the same version I have on my phone. In fact it tells me it is already installed on my nexus 5. So they are simply saying that regular Android apps are working with there joystick.

    Again great marketing!!!
  3. reddragon72

    reddragon72 Well-Known Member

    I just seen that it uses the Amazon app store. I emailed off asking if I would have to repurchase all my games and apps again.

    If they say no and that what I bought will load right up then all I'm missing is ROOT!!!!

    heading to XDA!

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